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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Common questions answered in one spot

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We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions by clients navigating our OrderGrid app or questions about OrderGrid operations and policies, and categorized them below.


Q: How do I prioritize an order?

A: You should wait for your order to be routed to the warehouse. After it goes from being 'queued' to 'processing,' you can click on the order and toggle the 'Prioritize' switch on the top, right corner. Please keep in mind that there is a limit to the amount of times this function can be used. If you need to prioritize more orders than it allows you to, please add notes.

Q: How do I pause fulfillment on an order?

A: You have two options:

Via the OrderGrid app:

  1. Flag the order on the OrderGrid app

Via the Shopify app:

  1. Go to the Shopify order

  2. Click on •••, then "Hold Fulfillment." This will automatically update the OrderGrid order's status to conflict.

Q: Where do I find an order's tracking number?

A: Once an order is shipped, tracking will be posted on the order and sent to the e-commerce store it is linked from. See more on this help doc: Understanding Your Order Page

Q: This order's issue timeline says an item is out of stock, but I recently restocked that item. Why is this order in conflict?

A: The order is in conflict because it needs to be re-imported or unflagged for the inventory to sync.

Q: I cannot change an order once it's in picking. What can I do?

A: You can contact us to request a redirect back to the warehouse so that the order can get returned to us.

Q: Why would I be able to see an order on Shopify but not on OrderGrid, even after clicking "Import Orders"?

A: It is possible that the order doesn't have a shipping rate. If this information is missing, it is assumed that the order isn't meant to be shipped.

Q: Is there a difference between creating a manual order on Shopify and creating one in OrderGrid?

A: The only factor you have to consider when facing this question is whether or not you want to capture any financial data - if the answer is yes, then the best option is to create the manual order on Shopify. If not, then either option works just the same.

Q: If I unflag an order on my Shopify account, do I have to manually unflag it on the OrderGrid app as well?

A: No, this is an automatic process! Unflagging the order on your Shopify account is enough.

Q: How do I substitute/change an item in an order?

A: Your first option would be to edit the order on the e-commerce platform. Or you could also duplicate the order on the e-commerce platform. Another solution is to create a manual order on OrderGrid and then once the order is shipped, manually update the tracking number on the original order on the e-commerce platform.

Q: How do I add a commercial invoice to a manual order I created?

A: Our system automatically generates a commercial invoice for shipments going to the United States, so no further action is required on your end!

Q: If an order is canceled on Shopify, will it be voided automatically on OrderGrid?

A: When an order is canceled on Shopify, if it is still processing on OrderGrid, it will go into conflict and it needs to be manually voided. If the order is canceled while it is in picking or picked, please let Customer Success know, so they can work with Ops to cancel the order.

Q: My order is queued, has it checked for inventory stock yet?

A: The inventory stock check happens once the order is routed to the warehouse. When the order is queued, it means that it still has not checked inventory. The queued status does not have inventory stock to check against.

Q: I created an order on Shopify, but it's not syncing to OrderGrid. Why?

A: One of the causes for this is that the order doesn't have shipping rates, hence it's not required to ship. Rates need to be added, so that shipping is required and the order can be fulfilled by OrderGrid. Please check if your Shopify order has shipping information by scrolling down and looking under 'Paid.' If this is missing, you would need to recreate the order on Shopify. If this does not resolve the issue, please reach out to Customer Success so we can further investigate and assist.

Q: How can I check how many orders are pending fulfillment for a specific SKU?

A: There's two ways of getting this information. You could go to Shopify and filter by that specific SKU and 'unfulfilled' orders. By exporting the results, you will be able to see the total number of orders that are pending fulfillment for that product. The other option is to go to OrderGrid > Inventory > Search for the SKU > look at the 'committed' number. Please keep in mind that the number of committed orders is only for orders that are processing up to picked. When the orders are packed, they will be depleted from committed. Also, if orders are queued, the will not be counted under committed, as they have not been routed to the warehouse yet.

Q: What does ‘Item Case’ mean on Shipments tab?

A: If there is no shipping material specified, such as a box or poly mailer, this is because the items came in CS (cases) and they were shipped without a case shipper, just the item as is. Item case also allows us to ship a product without a case shipper, for example if you were picking up the order at the warehouse and did not need a case shipper.

Q: I want to move some of my inventory to my home or a warehouse, but it's not in the same country as OrderGrid's warehouse. What can I do?

A: The first step would be to create a manual order for this. Please make sure to add a note indicating that this order is not intended to be shipped and also include any notes in regards to how you'd like this to be packed. Please get in contact with Customer Success for further assistance.

It is recommended that you arrange transportation, we are unable to use our brokerage for clients, as we don't own the merchandise. Since you are moving your own product, there will be duties and tax implications that are different from an order being shipped to an end customer. You would need to get your own broker involved.

Q: Do you pack a packing slip with each order end customers receive?

A: In an effort to be as environmentally friendly as possible, we try to produce as little waste as possible, for this reason, we do not include packing slips in the orders we ship to end customers by default.

Q: Can you ship a packing list or other printed document with an order?

A: Yes. You'll need to send your documents to your Customer Success POC so we can print and attach them, and include a note in the order to let Operations know there a packing list or document to print. You can find more information in How To Create a Manual Order.

Q: I have specific packing instructions I want Operations to follow. I’d like a Thank You card packed with every order. I’d like these SKUs to be packed in OrderGrid shippers, and these SKUs packed with my custom shippers.

A: No problem! Please contact your Customer Success POC so they can review your packing instructions.

Q: How can I "reimport" a manual order?

A: Just like orders created in Shopify can be reimported by clicking the "Import" button, manual orders created in OrderGrid can be "reimported" by clicking "Edit" > "Repair Lines". Afterward, click "Confirm" and you are done!


Q: What's your turnaround time on orders?

Q: How do I prepare a shipment for an OrderGrid location? What are your receiving guidelines? What's the warehouse address?

Q: My tracking page has not updates yet, and it’s been 5 days since it shipped. Can you help me?

A: It's common for tracking pages to take up to 5 business days to be updated after it's been picked up. Sometimes a package is not scanned in the 1000s of packages on a truck, but when it arrives at a distribution center it should be scanned again. Nevertheless, we can open an investigation with the carrier on your behalf to get an update. For more information about specific carriers, see the tracking help pages for USPS and Canada Post.

Q: Can you help with getting my shipment through customs?

A: OrderGrid does not take title of goods. What we can do is introduce you to trusted brokers to help you prepare your shipment for customs.

Inbound Canada Customs Broker

Helen Swan

J&B Customs Brokers Ltd/HOC Global Solutions

Tel 905-672-5100

Tel 905-625-5151

Fax 866-296-1361

3245 American Drive

Mississauga ON L4V 1B8

Inbound US Customs Broker

Donjah Haberman-Glaser


(Office (800) 383-3812 Ext. 303

Import Manager

13936 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90061


Q: How often do you count my inventory or cycle count?

A: Your inventory is live and always up to date. You, the client, can request physical cycle counts. If there are any adjustments to the inventory because of a cycle count, the operations team would update the inventory.

Q: What does the 'Committed' column mean?
A: This column shows items that have been ordered (commutative quantity required for the orders) but not yet shipped from the warehouse.

Note: committed item quantity is not reserved or allocated quantity for an order means committed quantity is not a quantity that is on hold for an order.

See more on this help doc: Understanding Your Inventory Dashboard.

Q: I have inventory that is close to expiry or has expired, how can I get rid of it?

A: There are 3 options to dispose of inventory:

  • Donation

    • No cost to you

    • Not available to all products, most places have restrictions on the type of items they receive. Please contact your account management team for more details.

  • Discarding it at a city waste facility. No cost to you, but beware there’s a possibility someone could take it before it reaches the waste facility and uses it for any purpose.

  • Contracting a third-party vendor to dispose of inventory

    • Usually needed to protect intellectual property. Sometimes brands opt to protect IP and branding.

    • Certificate of disposal provided.

    • Disposal fee depending on the volume - please contact your OG account management team for more details.


Q: What is your return policy?

Q: I need to pick up an order at the warehouse. What should I do?


Q: How are orders and pick fees accounted for in the invoiced month?
A: When an order's status changes to 'packed', fulfillment costs are charged to that month. Read more on order statuses here.

Q: How are storage spaces (pallet vs. speed cell) determined?

A: Operations optimizes the storage space for your inventory, and puts it into an appropriate storage space - see visuals here.

Q: If I void an order that had already been picked will pick & pack fees/fulfillment charges still be applied?

A: No, only shipped orders will be invoiced.

Q: How am I charged shipping costs/rates?

A: This is passed through from the carriers. If you'd like to use our shipping cost calculator, try creating a new manual order and clicking on the 'Carrier' tab. For more information, check How to Create a Manual Order.

Q: How do picking fees work?

A: We charge picking fees per item, which may be reduced for orders which include bulk purchases, like cases, or for inserts. We also charge a flat processing fee per order and will pass through the fees from the carrier.


2 Cases of XL t-shirts

$1.50 / case = $3.00

3 Each of L t-shirt

$0.40 / each = $1.20

1 insert, thank you card


Order processing fee


Shipping pass through cost


Total Fulfilment charges


Q: How do receiving fees work?

A: We charge per case or pallet.


5 Cases of XL t-shirts

$3 / case = $15

1 Pallet of S t-shirts

$6 / pallet

1 Pallet of M t-shirts

$6 / pallet

Total Receiving Fees


Note that we discount receiving fees by 50% if you supply a Receiving Order.

Q: If a customer has received an incorrect SKU or quantity based on how an order was picked, how does this get reflected in our costs? Do I have to pay for another order to fulfil it correctly?

A: If there is an error due to OrderGrid, we will compensate all fulfilment costs, and your Customer Success POC will apply a credit to your account that will be reflected in your next invoice.

Shopify Tips & Tricks

Q: How do I update my inventory on Shopify? Does this happen automatically?

A: After activating your Shopify <> OG sync, updates are automatic. For more details please refer to this help doc: How to Sync your Shopify and OrderGrid inventory

Q: What do I do with gift cards or other virtual items I don't want shipped?

A: You need to create a placeholder warehouse item. We require a product match within the order so we can scan a barcode but will not ship anything.

Congratulations! 🎉 You are now equipped with tips & tricks about OrderGrid.

If you need any additional help regarding this topic, please reach out to us at

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