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Details on how OrderGrid tests the API and fulfillment flow.

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Test Ship: OrderGrid will create an order with your average order that will go through your e-commerce store's API integration, and OG's pick and pack process.


Before your go-live, when your automated fulfillment launches, OrderGrid will conduct a test ship on your behalf.
Here are the checks the test ship must pass before your launch:

  • e-commerce store flow

  • OrderGrid flow

  • Packing instructions

  • Appropriate packing materials

  • End-to-end delivery with shipping carrier, quality inspection upon return

Please allow 5 business days to allow the OrderGrid team to resolve any issues that come up during the test ship.
Once the test ship passes these checks, you are ready to launch automated fulfillment with OrderGrid!

If you need any additional help regarding this topic, please reach out to us at info@ordergrid.com.

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