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Release 3.05 - June 28th, 2022
Release 3.05 - June 28th, 2022
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We'll be using this space more regularly to inform you of product updates for both Darkstore/Express and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) products of OrderGrid!
Please contact your customer success point-of-contact if you have any questions.

Darkstore Changes:


Update for operations

Cycle Count Triggered Items fix

Triggered items for cycle counts will now function as intended

Edit Warehouse Manual Orders

Warehouse users now have the ability to edit orders.

Navigate to Sales > Orders > Select an Order > Edit

Bin List sorting

Ability to sort bins by fullLocation field

Fixed alerts in popup

More visibility into the alerts on popups

Damages on receiving

Now are displayed correctly

Warehouse Tags\Bing

Fix count selected filter after pressing clear button

Warehouse Tags Sort

Fixed sorting and removed the Bin Location field from sorting.

Add a startDateTime to GET Inventory

Adding a query parameter so that when a partner calls OG they receive a smaller response

Add first label print to order history

Event is now created when a label is printed. Data can now be used for analysis.

GRO Number

GRO Number is now showing on title

Ability to hide Orders in Warehouse module if an order is still awaiting release. This is to ensure that orders are not picked until we are notified of the release.

Orders will get created and wait for release. On release a post back is sent

Introduce “Awaiting Release” order status in Orders page and include it as a filterable order status

If an order is awaiting release, then the status will be “Awaiting Release” which can be treated the same as “Processing”. Users can also filter orders by “Awaiting Release” status.

DTC Changes:


Update for operations

Introduce ability to set buffer stock at a warehouse and item-level. Future Enhancement: a default buffer stock value can be applied to all warehouses. As of right now, users have to indicate the value for each applicable warehouse.

There is a new section in: Inventory → Items → Planning. Users can set this value via the UI, but not through the CSV import yet (future item).

Inventory postings pagination

Inventory postings now are paginated and also searchable.

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