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How to use the Branding tab to customise your app.

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The Branding tab can be used to allow you to change the colour scheme and add a logo to your app.


1. Navigate to the Settings on OrderGrid.

2. Select the Branding tab.

3. Click Upload to add your company logo to the top bar.

Note: The default logo is the OrderGrid logo.

4. To change the theme colours, click on either the colour box and use the sliders to select your colour, or use the text box to add a hex code.

5. To change your account between Light Theme and Dark Theme, go to your Profile. The toggle is below personal information settings.

Congratulations! You have successfully updated your company branding in OrderGrid.

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Some useful hex codes:

Red: #FF0000

DarkRed: #8B0000

Orange: #FFA500

Yellow: FFFF00

Magenta: #FF00FF

Green: #008000

LimeGreen: #32CD32

Blue: #0000FF

Cyan: #00FFFF

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