How to manage Buffer Stock

How to manage your items and keep stock in reserve.

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Buffer Stock: Stock that is not available for sale, and kept in reserve unless you explicitly choose to start selling it. As such, any available stock displayed to the shopper will not include buffer stock.


When managing or creating an inventory item, you can set and manage buffer stock. This is set at a warehouse level, so if you need stock of the same item kept in reserve in multiple warehouses, it will need additional configurationca. Buffer stock is optional, and for most items will be zero by default.


To add buffer stock through the Items Menu:

1. Go to Inventory > Items and select the item you want to add a buffer for.

2. At the bottom of the page is a field for Buffer Stock, as shown above.

3. Click Add Buffer Stock, and fill in the amount required and which warehouse it should be kept in.

4. Once you press Confirm you will be able to see it appear in the table.

Note: If you want to alter the buffer stock for a warehouse, click the Edit button under Actions.

5. Repeat steps 3-4 for each warehouse.

To add buffer stock through a CSV file:

1. Select the CSV file you wish to import.

2. Create two columns at the end, titled "Buffer Stock Warehouse" and "Buffer Stock Value".

3. Add the warehouse and value for each item you want to add buffer stock to.

Note: For multiple warehouses, duplicate the line and add each individually.

Congratulations! You have successfully added Buffer Stock in OrderGrid.

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