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How to remove an Order from the Dispatch Screen
How to remove an Order from the Dispatch Screen

What to do when a cancelled or completed order is still visible.

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Sometimes when an order is cancelled or handed off, it stays on the dispatch screen. This helpdoc will guide you through some of the more common causes and how to resolve the issue.


Picking: Orders are put into a picking state when a user starts a pick on their terminal. This is only updated to picked after the user has confirmed this on their device.

Cancelled/Completed: When the OrderGrid app recognises orders in a Cancelled or Completed state they will be removed from the Dispatch Screen.

Note: An order cannot update from picking to cancelled or completed.


The most common reason an order is left on the Dispatch Screen is because it cannot be updated while it's still in picking.

1. First, find the user who opened the order. The user's name will appear on the dispatch screen above the order number. In the screenshot below, user "Jovana" is picked order# 873.

2a. If the order has already been handed off, make sure to close picking on the user's terminal.

2b. If it has been cancelled, the user must finish the pick.

Note: After picking, return all items to their original locations. You do not need to change the inventory.

4. Once this has been done, the order should disappear from the Dispatch Screen.

5. If you cannot access the order from the original picker's terminal, please get in touch with Customer Support, and we will be happy to help resolve your issue.

Congratulations! You have successfully removed an order from the dispatch screen in OrderGrid.

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