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Release 3.3.0 - week of November 15th, 2022
Release 3.3.0 - week of November 15th, 2022
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Here's the latest product updates for both Express and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) products of OrderGrid! Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.

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Express Changes:

Express Feature

User Notes

Improve selling zero stock email notification

Item name, warehouse name, menu item name to the existing columns in the notification email

Do not allow item creation with duplicate SKUs - Upload and Manual

The import will fail if an item has the same SKU code but different OG code with another item. The purpose is to prevent duplicate of items being created on the import

DTC Changes

DTC Feature

User Notes

Order Returns

New flow for returned orders arriving at the warehouse. Warehouse users will find the corresponding order, inspect items, record information on the returns and receive the products into their respective homes.

DTC Shipped Report

A report to show sum of SKUs shipped in total and across OG warehouses, and shipped orders dataset. This data can be exported into a CSV file.

Magento integration

Create Magento Store Type in OrderGrid

Magento integration

Create or Update Products from Magento Store

Magento integration

Create Orders from Magento Store

Magento integration

Push Inventory Changers to Magento Store

Magento integration

Update existing orders with Shipment tracking data

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes

User Notes

Ghost PO

Po line items disappear after placement of PO

GRN Report does not reference correct PO

GRN report does not reference correct PO

POs not auto-closing correctly

POs are not auto-closing correctly. POs are left open after the time period of closing has passed

GRN Report sent to supplier <> [client]

Send GRN report to supplier by entering shipping number in the PO ref field

DTC Internal transfer fix


fix date field format on warehouse/receivings

bug fix date selection on receivings page

Add Position field to L1 in Menu payload


DTC pick order

DTC pick order throws an error but still assign order to user

inventory tag actions


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