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How to use the Shipped Items Report
How to use the Shipped Items Report

A straightforward report to organise which items are being shipped.

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The Shipped Report allows you to easily view which items are leaving your warehouses. There are two views, one for shipping numbers broken down by warehouse, and one with more detailed data.


1. Navigate to Reports > Shipped Report. The only fields you need to enter is the date range, then click Run.

2. The Sum Per Warehouse box shows a breakdown of each SKU shipped over your date range, which warehouse it was shipped from, and total over all warehouses.

3. The Data box shows every order in the range, with more information of Store, Order ID, Tracking/Carrier Data, and others.

Note: The export button will create a CSV file for Sum Per Warehouse, which will allow you to export your data for analysis elsewhere.

Congratulations! You have successfully run a Shipping Report in OrderGrid.

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