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Release 3.5.0 - December 6, 2022
Release 3.5.0 - December 6, 2022
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Here's the latest product updates for both Express and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) products of OrderGrid! Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.

Also introducing, Partner Portal! This portal allows additional suppliers to integrate into an Express company.

See UI changes here.

Express Changes:

Express Feature

User Notes

Reporting APIs - Add Delivery Dates to the PO Report

Add PO Delivery Date to the PO Report

Reporting APIs - Create GET /report/stock-manual-changes endpoint in StoreAPI

Create a Report to expose stock changes in the warehouse either due to a manual adjustment or as a result of a short pick

Reporting APIs - Create GET /report/pick-trip endpoint in StoreAPI

Create a Report to expose all picking events associated with orders

IBM/FEATURE - Automated Purchase Order Placement with the status toggle

Make possible to create POs with status "Open" with automated PO placement from IBM (incl. PP integration)

MM - Post-Release Clean-up - P2 Menus Page Revamp

New representation Active Menus page

CC/FEATURE - add the collection to allow the user to perform the CC coming from the PP disputes for 2 days

Allow the user to perform the CC coming from the PP disputes for 2 days

Forecasting 2.0
Introduce Functionality to Export Forecast CSV

Allow the user to export selected forecasts

Improve Catalog file import

The list of imported items should contain only current import csv data

IBM/FEATURE - Fix Monthly view in Forecasting Tabs

New monthly view in Forecasting Tabs with aggregated values by month

DTC Changes

DTC Feature

User Notes

DTC B2B - file upload on order page

Ability to add one or more files to an order to be referenced or printed and packed with the order.

Partner Portal (PP)

Partner Portal improvements

User Notes

Add the Export button to the Supplier's Purchase Order

Supplier will can export PO details to csv file

Change the notification emails

Supplier and admin will have expanded list of email templates

Save VAT when import items from PP

Changing VAT parameter on PP side will transfer it to replenishment

Make delta import by cron for PP catalog

During delta import system will analyze and import full catalog of changes

Add cron job to create GRN records for auto closed disputes

When all timelines for dispute passed and no cycle counts the adjustment set by supplier will automatically add as new GRN record

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes

User Notes

Users unable to move warehouse items from one bin to another

dev support needed

Deleted bin needs reinstating

dev support needed

Daily update of Morrisons items with Cron

Discrepancy b/w PO costs and delivery note

reinstate user

dev support needed

Unable to edit/see Layouts

dev support needed

Populate default values after re-import and UI changes

dev support needed

Menu generation after reconnecting store to layout

dev support needed

Unable to mark POs complete

dev support needed

Duplicate Items in PO

dev support needed

Incorrect Supplier qty in PO after generation PO from IBM

dev support needed

Unable create the PO from the recommendation manually

dev support needed

PO in status "Open" from the recommendation manually

dev support needed

Shopify inventory sync not working as expected

dev support needed

Fulfilling shopify orders fails to complete when order on shopify is deleted

dev support needed

Prevent updates to tag only if it is not currently used for picking

dev support needed

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