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Release 3.6.0 - December 13, 2022
Release 3.6.0 - December 13, 2022
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Here's the latest product updates for Express, Direct-to-Consumer (DTC), and Partner Portal products of OrderGrid! Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.

Partner Portal is our newest product - this allows additional suppliers to integrate into an Express company.

See UI changes here.

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Express Changes:

Express Feature

User Notes

Support Weighted Products

Supplier Items, Menu and API Updates to indicate weighted Items. Custom barcode scanning to receive an pick items with barcodes containing weight data

Reporting APIs - Create GET /report/express-ops endpoint in StoreAPI

Express Ops Report

Add email to the Order in history section - Store API

Order History and Actions Section in the API calls will contain Picker email (in addition to the id, first name and last name which are currently returned)

Ability to sort data in the Existing Import Files Table

Allow sorting by columns in Existing Import Files Table

Menu Management: Timed Menus Cron Scheduler Approach

Timed Menus Scheduler added to Cron

DTC Changes


User Notes

Order Returns

New Operations flow for processing returned orders and new order status 'returned'

DTC B2B - introduce shipmentDetail

Streamlines freight carrier quotes by displaying the following details on the order's shipment tab: pallet height, length, width, weight, and number of cartons.

B2B Packing Slip - Print / download during packing and order

Users can generate a packing slip to include in orders. This can be done per order, or all orders per store.

DTC Delivery Integration

DTC Carrier Integration - DHL UK

Multi Warehouse Auto Routing - DTC Orders

Ability to set Auto Routing Rules for DTC Orders. Apply Rules by client and store on each incoming DTC Order

Partner Portal (PP)

None this release.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes

User Notes

Store API - Page and Limit Query Parameters should return error when passed decimal values

Return 400 Bad Request error when Page and/or Limit Query params are set as fractional values

Hotfix - Update Postback for Lane Assignment and Lane Transfer

Fix Payload send during Lane Assignment Postback. Add the same postback upon Lane Transfer

Prevent updates to tag only if it is not currently used for picking

dev support needed

Order Shipped Webhook not being sent

Fix Order ID used to send the Order Shipped Webhook

Cycle Counts stuck loading

dev support needed

Datepicker for Cycle Counts

dev support needed

Items search for Cycle Counts

dev support needed

Extra requests for Purchases/RO

dev support needed

Wrong order/number of categories in Menus

Wrong order/number of categories in menus generated after import store specific data

Unable import 1k Items

dev support needed

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