Restocking Return Orders

How to manage Return Orders for the warehouse team

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Item Quality: This can be either Good or Damaged depending on whether the item is of saleable quality

Return Order: If an order has been shipped, it may be Returned by the customer or carrier service.

Return Initiation Source: The Source of the return may be from the customer, the shipping service, or another part of the delivery pipeline.

Order-Level Return Reason: The Return Reason is the reason the order has been returned. This may be due to damage during transit or the carrier being unable to find the address.


When an order is returned to the warehouse, the line items need to be restocked.

There is a dedicated module under Warehouses to manage any pending returns that haven't yet been put back into stock.


Inspection Step

  1. Under Warehouses, click Returns. There are two tabs, Find Order and Returns in Progress.

2. Using Find Order, you can search for the order being returned. You can either enter the OG Order Number or scan the carrier label.

3. If required, input the Return Initiation Source and Order-Level Return Reason.

4. For each item being returned, confirm the Lot Code/ Expiry Date and whether this item is damaged.

Note: This is especially important in orders involving similar items with multiple lot codes as they will be displayed separately.

If applicable, scan the serial number, and if not damaged, the security seal. This will be recorded on the screen.

5. Click Return Item for each item. You may need to upload an image to indicate proof of damage.

6. Finally, click Complete Return. You must now scan a receiving bin to store these items. Good items must be separate from damaged items, and these will require a separate bin.

The order will now change to Returning status and will appear in the Returns in Process tab.

Putaway Step

1. Under Warehouses > Returns, click the Returns in Process tab.

Note: The search menu allows you to filter by Client or condition of the item.

2. Locate the order in the warehouse and click Putaway. A prompt will come up to scan the correct bin.

3. Print the receiving tags generated and click Return.

4. The order will now change status to Returned or Partially Returned, and the inventory will be updated to reflect the changes.

Congratulations! You have successfully returned an order to stock in OrderGrid.

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