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Release 3.7.0 - January 10, 2023
Release 3.7.0 - January 10, 2023
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Here's the latest product updates for Express, Direct-to-Consumer (DTC), and Partner Portal products of OrderGrid! Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.

Partner Portal is our newest product - this allows additional suppliers to integrate into an Express company.

See UI changes here.

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Express Changes:


User Notes

Technical Notes

Reporting APIs - Optimization of report/order

Improve the Query time of the /report/order endpoint


Staging Lanes - Remove tapping to assign lane

Convert the 2 step process of selecting a staging lane and then scanning it to a single step step process where we just scan the lane


Age Verification - Ability to configure for each warehouse through UI

Age verification pop up for age restricted items is now configurable to show custom header text and options


Add Number of Packages in actions array in GET /order/{orderId}

Add the ability to get the number of bags used to pack an Express order via Store API


Catalogue - Blocking Scientific Format EAN on Import - Validation of manual items import

Error message displayed when scientific format identified on EAN column on Catalogue import.

Hide Username in Ops Analytics Report

Instead of username, user ID will be displayed.

IBM/FEATURE - Fix Monthly view in Forecasting Tabs

New monthly view in Forecasting Tabs with aggregated values by month

No technical notes. Please contact Mauricio for any questions.

OG app - Add error messages

Added error messages on screen to unhandled errors.


add UOM to order page

Added UOM names on order page > line items tab


Localisation - French Translation Updates

Translated app to French.


Fix Monthly view in Forecasting/Planning Tabs

Monthly Tab in Forecast is aggreggated by month, as opposed to a daily view for the current month

No technical notes. Please contact Mauricio for any questions.

Add 'gridCode' / OG code to Inventory/list

On the Inventory/Inventory page, added sortable column for OG Code, and allows searching for OG codes.


IBM/ PO/ Wrong calculation

Fixed item parameters import into IBM.


MM - to define the users to assign the Active menus tab

Introduce new tab Active menus


Sales/Stores/Menus/Settings - to push the image to the Deliveroo

When the User changes the image in the Menus/Settings and presses the [Save menu] button - publish the menu with updated the image in Deliveroo’s menus


DTC Changes

Direct to Consumer (DTC)

User Notes

DHL UK Integration

Ability to ship DTC Orders using DHL UK using API Based Integration:
- Authentication with DHL UK
- Create Domestic and International Shipments
- Print Labels
- Cancel existing Shipments
- Store Tracking Numbers
- Generate Commercial Invoices for International Shipments

DHL UK Commercial Invoice should use Document Printer

If an item that is currently out of stock (but was in-stock at some point in past) is being received, show the last location of the item during put away

B2B Packing Slip - Print / download during packing and order

Users can generate a packing slip to include in orders. This can be done per order, or all orders per store.

Order Attachment print/download

Updates to File attachment feature - Ability to add one or more files to an order to be referenced or printed and packed with the order.

Receiving Improvements - Remember Last Bin for OOS item

If an item that is currently out of stock (but was in-stock at some point in past) is being received, show the last location of the item during put away

DTC Auto Routing Modal UI enhancement

Improved styling consistency.

Partner Portal (PP)

Partner Portal

User Notes

Partner Portal/FEATURE - provide the Cantonese localization

Translated app to Cantonese.

Supplier portal - Super admin

Introduce the Superadmin able to create the Supplier portal’s regions to assign the Admins to them

Supplier portal - Super admin's Superadmins screen

Introduce the Superadmin's module allowing to invite other superadmins to the PP

Supplier portal - Super admin Profile screen

Introduce the Profile module allowing the Superadmin to manage the email and password

Bug Fixes and Other


User Notes

Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Attack Under Partner Settings Tags

Security ticket

Stored XSS through image upload

Security ticket

No rate limit on password reset

Security ticket

No Rate Limiting On Resend Code Endpoint

Security ticket

Password expired override

Security ticket

Improper Exception Handling

Security ticket

User Detail Enumeration During Forgot Password

Security ticket

Weak Ciphers Supported

Security ticket

Transaction & Invoicing Challenges

Improvements to internal invoicing

Bug fixes

User Notes

DHL UK Commercial Invoice should use Document Printer

Change configuration for Commercial Invoice to use Document Printer instead of Label Printer

Staging Lanes not visible

Staging Lanes Pagination restricting ability to see beyond 20 lanes

Incorrect InStock/Committed stocks

Stock related bug fix

DHL UK Shipping labels not generated

Handle edge cases to create shipments

DHL UK Item Description cannot be longer than 50 characters

Handle length limitation on Item description for customs

App Stuck while editing Conflict Orders

Allow ability to edit Magento orders in Conflict status

Address Validation for Magento Orders

Allow more special characters in Name and Street Address to handle international names and addresses

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