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Warehouse Metrics Report

Definitions and User Interface Help

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The Warehouse Metric report shows an instant snapshot of the orders going through your warehouse. This includes current status, number picked/packed over 24 hours, and charts for both daily and longer-term trends. It is accessible through Reports > Warehouse Metrics

Section One

This section shows an up-to-date view of the current orders. You can set the refresh rate to 10 seconds, 30 seconds or one minute intervals.


Total Orders: This number corresponds to the number of new orders that are ready for picking.

Conflicts: Conflicts are orders that cannot be picked and will require intervention before they can be fulfilled.

Picking: Orders that are currently being fulfilled by the warehouse team.

Picked Today: This gives a count of the total number of complete pickings today.

Packing: Once picked, orders must be packed to be ready for shipping.

Packed Today: Similar to Picked Today, this field counts the number of total packages that have been packed.

Shipped Today: Finally, this number corresponds to the total orders shipped from the warehouse today.

Note: This is the same view, updated a few minutes later. The three orders under Total Orders are now in Picking with the warehouse team, and one new order has come in.

Section Two

This graph shows the timing of packed orders over 24 hours. By default, it shows current day, but the date can be freely changed.

Section Three

This graph gives an overview of orders fulfilled per day. This can be helpful for larger-scale reviews, including weekly/monthly overviews.

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