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Tags are used by warehouse personnel to identify items/inventory and attach to locations in the warehouse. Tags are assigned by the Warehouse personnel during the items receiving process, and scanned to deduct inventory from warehouse storage for fulfilment.

Tag details

Tag Types

There are two tag types: pick tags and storage tags.

The "Pick" tag is used to show that the User started picking an order. When picking, items are moved from their storage tag and assigned to a pick tag until the order is packed.

The DTC model has a "pick" tag attached to the physical container (blue bin). For the express model, there's a virtual "pick" tag (barcode on a rolling cart or grocery basket).

All other tag types (box, pallet, case, item, and bin) indicates the specific storage place. See storage spaces here.

Bin Tags

Bin references bin location following this convention and is strategically positioned throughout a warehouse or assigned a naming convention by the warehouse team.
{zone: "00", aisle: "00", bay: "00", level: "00", position: "00"}

"Multi" toggle allows putting multiple items inside one tag. This is used for pick tags and Express storage tags.

"Locked" toggle blocks other Users from picking the items assigned to some specific tags.

These fields can all be edited on the edit tag page.

Tag Status Legend

Tag Status: Damaged, Hold, Inactive, Quarantined, Assigned, Released

Damaged: Inventory on this status is damaged, do not use for fulfillment.
Hold: Inventory not available for fulfillment, generic status to not use for fulfillment.
Inactive: Tag deactivated, do not use for fulfillment
Quarantined: Inventory quarantined, do not use for fulfillment
Assigned: Definition unknown. This status is not shown on edit tag dropdown.
Released: Inventory is available for fulfillment.

Note, there are various functions that check tag status and throw an error if an action requires more inventory than available on released tags.

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