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How to create Bins and Tags and their relationship

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Tag: Tags are virtual containers that store Inventory Items. Every item must be assigned to a tag.

Lot: A lot is a way to sort items within a tag. Two of the same inventory item can have different lot codes but stored in the same tag. For example, two cases of strawberries with different expiry dates would have different lots, but could share one tag.

Bin: Tags are assigned to Bins, which is (usually) the physical space inventory is stored.

Cart Tag: A tag assigned to a picking cart (and within a special bin) that is in use only during picking.


There is a hierarchy between inventory, tags and bins, which determines how you can view and move stock.

Bin Rules

1. Bins can be created on their own, or with a new tag associated with it.

2. Items cannot be assigned to a bin without a tag.

3. If the Bin Type is Single, then only one tag can be assigned to it. Multi means that an unlimited number of tags can be assigned.

Note: In the example below, a new empty bin is being made. It does not have a tag, so either one must be moved into it or created to add items.

4. If "Create Tag" is toggled on, a new tag will be created with the following settings and assigned to the bin automatically:

5. Items will not be picked from bins set to "Receiving" Bin Class unless no other stock is available in normal bins.

6. If the Bin Class is set to Consumption, any inventory assigned will be removed from the system the moment the inventory is transferred into the Bin. Inventory posting of the move in and the depletion will be recorded.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you wish to move items from a Cart Tag to a Consumption Bin, do *NOT* use "Move Tag". This moves the Cart Tag into the Consumption Bin and will immediately deplete all items within. 
In order to do this without accidental depletion, user should use "Move Item" to move the item directly.

Image 1: Correct procedure

Image 2: Incorrect, may cause accidental depletion (Items 2 and 3)

Tag Rules

1. Tags cannot be created, or exist, without an associated Bin.

2. If a tag is Locked, no picking, manual stock changes, or manual item moves can be performed. Items cannot move to or from locked tags.

3. If a Tag Status is set to Quarantined, Hold, Inactive or Damaged, no picking can be performed, but manually moving items is possible.

- These tags are not shown as available in the Inventory view. The Released status means they are ready for picking and as such are available.

4. If Multi is disabled in a tag, only one item and lot can be stored in it. If Multi is enabled, then:

- An unlimited number of different items can be in a tag.

- An unlimited number of lots can be in a tag.

- Two different lots containing the same item can be in a tag.

Congratulations! You have successfully managed Bins and Lots in OrderGrid.

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