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The Inventory Details page allows you to view current stocks of your inventory and any movements and location details. These can be search and printed for total control of your stock in Ordergrid.


1. From Inventory > Inventory, find the desired item and click on its entry in the Inventory Overview.

2. From here, you get to the Location tab. This shows an image of the item, Warehouse, Company, SKU, amount currently In Stock, any Committed to outgoing orders, and any Ordered into the warehouse that hasn't yet been received.

There is also a box showing the precise locations of the stock, including Tag data, Bin Location, Quantity, Status, and Expiry Date. Additional fields can be toggled on or off using the Settings icon next to the Print button in the top right.

3. Under the Item Info tab, the physical description and product settings can be found. This includes Category, Brand, Product Type, and other details, such as Min Order, the base amount that can be sold in one order. These details can be edited in the Inventory > Items page, and are automatically updated here.

4. The Inventory Posting tab shows every movement of this item. This includes Manual Stock Changes, such as correcting a miscount or moving to a different bin, ingoing Receivings and outgoing Orders. The total balance of all In Stock inventory is tallied at the far right. This can also be limited between any given timeframe, using the From and To search bars.

5. Finally, the Movement Posting tab, displays any record where item is being moved from one tag to another.

6. Any of these tabs can be individually printed using the Print button in the upper right corner.

Congratulations! You have successfully viewed Inventory Details in OrderGrid.

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