Release 3.10.1 - Mar 30, 2023
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Here's the latest product updates of OrderGrid! Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.

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Global Changes:


User Notes

GRN Report UI, CSV Export, API and Callback - Add Received By field

Add Received By field to GRN Report - UI, CSV Export, API and Callback

Express Changes:


User Notes

Scheduled Orders

Enabled scheduling order functionality for a custom API.

Warehouse setting: Allow over-receiving withPO

Introduce a warehouse setting toggle "Allow over-receiving withPO" and prevent user from over-receiving for receivingTypes withPO. This will not change receivingTypes multiPO, noPO, and instore. Default setting is TRUE for clients, except Tiger client. When TRUE, warehouse users cannot increment receiving over ordered quantity and will see a message saying this is not allowed.

DTC Changes


User Notes

Shopify integration maintenance

Updated deprecating Fulfillment Order endpoints to Fulfillment and Order.

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