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Completing a Receiving Order Claim Form
Completing a Receiving Order Claim Form

Send your supplier a claim form for under-received or shorted Purchase Orders

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PO: A Purchase Order is a commercial document and first official offer issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services.

Receiving: This is the second step of the Unloading-Receiving-Pick-Pack-Loading process. During the receiving process, the items are taken from the unloading area to the physical shelves in the warehouse. A Receiving Order is the online form required to move this stock into the warehouse.


When users complete a Receiving on module Express Receiving, there is a claim form to fill out. This streamlines reconciling of under-received stock or shorted stock discrepancy between the Purchase Order and Receiving. You can then export this into CSV to submit to your supplier as a claim.

Currently, this claim form can be toggled as required or optional based on warehouse setting. In the future, this will not be on the warehouse setting page and will be moved to the Partners page on the client side.


1. The warehouse team completes a PO on module Express > Express Receiving

2. When the Require RO claim toggled active, the flow is as follows: close RO -> user must complete claim form -> any missing required fields on the form will prevent them from moving forward.

When disabled, the flow is as follows:

close RO -> user is prompted to complete optional claim form -> if yes, all form fields are optional

Below is the prompt to complete an optional claim form.

3. Complete the RO claim form by assigning claim reason codes to the under-received quantities.

Note: the under-received items are populated by comparing the PO Ordered quantity against the Receiving Received quantity.

Copy icon button: duplicates this line item directly below the current line

Delete icon button: deletes this line item from the form

Users cannot increment quantity greater than under-received quantity calculated. In the example below, only 1 can be claimed.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed a Claim Form in OrderGrid.

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