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How to create multiple tags in one bulk action

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To create multiple tags in one bulk action, use Tag Generator.


1. On Warehouses > Tags, on the top right, click Tag generator.

2. You now see a list of every time Tag Generator was used. Click the down arrow on the right side to expand more details.

3. You can see the Tag number, Warehouse, Bin Location, Tag Type, and be able to reprint tags as needed from this view.

4. Click the "+" on the top right to start generating multiple tags. This will pop up a dialog box. Complete the required fields.

Note: The default receiving bin is set on Warehouses > Settings > tab Receiving Bin

Congratulations! You have successfully created multiple tags using Tag Generator in OrderGrid.

If you need any additional help regarding this topic, please reach out to us at info@ordergrid.com.

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