Release 311 - April 18, 2023
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Here's the latest product updates of OrderGrid! Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.

Note, we are changing how we name our releases. Previously, they were 3.11.0, now they will be "311" "312" and so on.

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Global Changes:


User Notes

Add Currency next to Price and Cost fields

Users will now see currency symbol and code (i.e. $ CAD) next to all price and cost fields. This is based on two configurations: store currency and items currency.

Weighted Items - Fractional Non-Metric UOM


Weighted Items - Update item info from delta import


Weighted Items - Auto-generate the weighted units larger than the selected


Weighted Items - Fix UOM labels for items on RO page


Weighted Items - Show values and labels in weighted UOM for Replenishment


Weighted Items - Receiving V2 round down decimal values


Custom Vendor Integration

Custom integration work

Replenishment - Sorting forecasts


Replenishment - Add UOM, IsMaterial columns to Export forecasts


Replenishment - Forecast to ignore SKUs without weighted UOMs existing in the Inventory


Replenishment - Search engine update for Planning


Consumption - Hide the consumption BINs from Update stock Qty


Replenishment - Recommendations table update

Display Partner name on the recommendations tab to have more precise info about the future delivery

Allow Price change and Barcode field change <> Manual item import

Weight items import improvement

Enable Create Tag while creating Multi Bin

Ability to Create Tags while Creating Multi Bins using New Bin, Bin Generator and File Upload flows

Make OrderGrid compatible with Progressive Web Apps

Make OrderGrid compatible with Progressive Web Apps. This allows users to Install OrderGrid similar to an app, offering better User Experience

Audit Logs for Event Callbacks - Backend

Ability to record all the Callback Events sent from OrderGrid (as set under Postbacks section). This includes storing the Request URL, Headers and Payload with the timestamp at which the event was sent

Add backupEan to /report/inventory

Add Backup EAN in API Inventory Report

Add orderId and orderNumber to StoreAPI Orders Report

Adding Orded ID and Order Number to the API Orders Sold report

Scan tag - Bulk move item

On Scan Tag > Move Item, you can now select 2 or more items.
Note: this will move the entire quantity of the selected items, there is currently no ability to specify qty of the item.

RV2 handle bin without a tag

During Putaway, when a user scans a bin and there is no tag associated with the bin - display message: “There is no tag associated with this bin. Scan an item tag.”

Receivings V2 UI update

On Receivings list, display the following fields on receivings card: Created at, Updated at, created by: (user)
Receiving v2 - UI Indicator for barcodes (barcode override enabled)

Ability to search by material id / material name in putaway list


Express Changes:


User Notes

Express Receiving Order - Claim Forms

Introducing a claims form for under-received items. This form can set as required to complete before closing a receiving, based on a warehouse setting toggle. The form displays under-received items and prompts the user to assign a reason code to the quantity.

Scheduled Orders

Enabled scheduling order functionality for a custom API.

Make Express packing customer order count screen optional

Ability to remove Customer Order Count Screen using Warehouse Settings. This allows companies to reduce 1 screen (Reduce 2 button click - Check box and Continue button) in the Express Order Pick and Pack Flow

DTC Changes:


User Notes

Create separate conflicts for packing

When a Packer cancels packing an order, the order will change to conflict status and issue code 4002 “Packing screen conflict” will be posted on the order's issues timeline. The description will include the tag number and the error message from the pack screen.

DTC Ops dashboard

A dashboard to view open receivings, orders assigned to warehouse team members, total orders today, orders shipped, and orders pending SLA. The calculation for orders pending SLA is the sum of unfulfilled orders without conflicts from the previous SLA.

Item images on pack screen

Packers will now see item images on the DTC Packing screen, if there are item has an image. Users can click the image to open a larger overlay.

Shipment Data Validation for Magento Orders

Update Name, Address and Phone Validations for incoming Order via Magento Integration to reduce orders that enter Conflict status. These validations are now compatible with DHL UK, DHL US and Passport Carriers

Bug Fixes and Other:


User Notes

On No PO receiving, overreceiving warning appears - Bug Fix

Message removed from No PO receiving. And added ability to remove message on With PO - click X to remove message from screen.

Over receiving toggle does not allow receiving on n/a PO

n/a PO could not add any qty. This was fixed.

Warehouses > Pack: error when user clicks "add a box" twice

Fixed bug where user could not click add a box twice and were prevented from adding items to shippers.

Log in errors

Fixed password recovery flow.

prevent item moves from a pick tag in use

prevent item moves from a pick tag in use

Bug - Sorting columns does not work on the Lanes page

Allow for sorting of columns displayed on lanes page

Bug - OG reports don't show correct bags used per order

Show number of bags selected per order by user on the ops report

Bug - Reports should export all items listed under selected filters

Export all items displayed in report with filter is set or when set in default

Bug - Receiving Order - Infinite loading circle while search line item Bug fix to handle this error

Bug - MM - Search by category doesn't work on Layout-page

Bug fix to handle this error

Menu Item postings Improvements


Bug - MM -Items Data are not imported on MenuItems page due to 400 Error


Bug - Consumption bin label appearing for bin not labeled when searching for tags in scan tag

Bug fix to handle this error

Bug - Protected UOM being overwritten

Restrict delta overwrite for set protected UOM for all integrations

Cron Failure Email Alert - Bug Fix

Email notification for Cron Job Failures

PO Report missing discount leads to 504

Error handling

Bug - Users stuck on picking screen

Allow to receive cancelled events when pick is in packed status

PM2 Error - Magento Integration

Bug Fix - Magento Integration

Bug: Menu Endpoint

Bug Fix - Menu Endpoint on Store API

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