Release 312 - May 11, 2023
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Here's the latest product updates of OrderGrid! Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.

Note, we are changing how we name our releases. Previously, they were 3.11.0, now they will be "311" "312" and so on.

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Global Changes:


User Notes

Scan and Parse QR Data

Set configuration for QR scans and add the ability to scan QR codes

Update Search Item to Handle QR Data

Search Items using QR Scan

Update Order endpoint and Order Report to include the shipped lot code, expiry and quantity for each item

Include Lot and Expiry data in Order endpoint and Order Report via API

Create GET /move-order to bulk fetch move orders

Ability to Fetch Move Orders

Create POST /move-order endpoint to create new move orders

Ability to Create Move Orders

Create PUT /move-order/{orderId}/void to cancel a move order

Ability to Void Move Orders

Update lane details in GET /order/{orderId} actions

Add Staging Lane details in Order History when querying GET /order/{orderId}

Introduce Holdstock db field

Introduced a column "hold" on Inventory page which will sum stock quantities where tag status is: hold, damaged, inactive, quanrantined. This stock is not available for fulfillment.

Reporting APIs Improve Response Time on GET /report/lot-expiry

Improve Response Time on GET /report/lot-expiry

Items - If Barcode Override enabled, auto populate barcode

If Barcode Override enabled, auto populate barcode with 0s

Updates to the /report/item to include additional item details

Add new field to the /report/item endpoint

RV2 Confirm screen - need to fix Tags overflowing and keep user input (Lot/Exp/Qty) if user go back from Confirm screen to Receive to Bin screen. UI Updates in Receiving V2

UI Updates in Receiving V2

Improvements: Checkboxes and select item on Move items screen, update functionality

UI Improvements in Move Item screen

Add UOM in Scan Tag - Item Summary

Show UOMs in Scan Tag screen

Improve search item engine for RV2 (Fuzzy search)

Improve Item search capabilities

Add item type on item imports

Ability to set Item Type in Item file imports

Implement user check for beta access

User check for Beta access

Allows to scan any kind of barcodes, altEans, backupEans, not just default barcodes.

Ability to scan Alt EAN and Backup EAN in addition to default item barcodes

Inventory detail - movement posting

Introduced a new tab on Inventory detail page, movement posting, which will display any record where item is being moved from one tag to another.

when user clicks forgot pw but SSO is enabled, trigger SSO (TDD req)

If user has SSO enabled and clicks forgot password, they will now be sent an email to use SSO or reset their password with their SSO provider.

Keep cycle count modal open after item submission

Instead of closing the input modal when the user submits an item, the modal will stay open.

Cycle Count - update UI to navigate users to scanned bin

When a user scans a bin for a cycle count, they are immediately navigated to that bin in the UI (previously, they had to click the bin as well)

Cycle Count items are recounted

Users completing a cycle count simultaneously were being routed to bins which were already counted by others. This fix prevents that from happening until the other user cancels their cycle count.

Cycle Count items should be split by tags

When cycle counting a bin that contains an item with multiple tags, users will now be able to see and update each individual tag and the respective quantity.

Item Categories are duplicated when using item upload

Fixed a bug where item categories were duplicated when importing items.

Pagination not working in GET MATERIAL ITEMS endpoing

Pagination fixed in GET Material Items endpoint

UOM description for non-weighted UOMs

Users will see system-generated UOM Descriptions for EA/CS of weighted items. These are meant to help users understand pack sizes and weight of UOMs in industry-standard notation.

Warehouses - Added uom label for scan tag and search item

Users will now see the UOM labels besides the quantity fields in the scan tag and search item flows.

Menu Management (MM) - auto-publishing issue


MM - Menu never reverts back to DEFAULT layout


MM - Items Data are not imported on MenuItems page due to 400 Error: "Invalid attempt to spread non-iterable instance"

Users will no longer see "Invalid attempt to spread non-iterable instance" error when importing menu's item data

MM - Wrong time period is displayed on MenuItems page after importing Timed Pricing Data

Users will no longer see inconsistent times after importing timed pricing data

MM - Wrong menu generated after reconnecting store to layout

Users will see the correct menu connected to a store, and not more than one menu connected to a store for any given time

MM - Regeneration issues after manually create/duplicate and delete Layout

Users will no longer see the priced data impacted after deleting timed layouts

MM - Redundant menu items request on MenuItems


MM - errors in console on Layot page: "TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'name')" and "SyntaxError: "undefined" is not valid JSON"


MM - Unable to import items if the photo link is "" (due to 403 error)


MM - PM2 errors: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'categories')


MM - Timed Pricing User Generated Category Layout not maintained

Users will see all category order changes persist after saving layout changes

Replenishment - Show qty values in base weighted UOM if forecast in CS


Replenishment - Process forecast import errors

Users will see errors found while importing a forecast file in the UI

Weighted Items - Show values and labels in weighted UOM for Replenishment

Users will now see the UOM tag everywhere in the Replenishment module (ie grams, EA, etc.)

Replenishment - Add correct partner on the recommendations page

Users wil now see the Partner connected to a purchase recommendation

Item - Show partners with 'vendor' type on item detail page

Users can now set a vendor as a partner in item set-up

Add UOMs to Cycle Counts

Users completing cycle counts will now see the UOM labels besides the quantities displayed

Express Changes:


User Notes

Scan QR Data for confirming the item during Item Pick Flow

QR Scan to confirm item picks

Record Lot and Expiry of items during Pack Flow

Record Lot and Expiry during Packing

Scan Tag for Pick Cart/Bin should show the Lot and Expiry of Items contained in the bin

Show Lot and Expiry of items when scanning Pick Cart/Bin

RO Claim Form updates

Instead of requiring claim forms per warehouse, this is now set per supplier on the client view.
Users can now save claim forms and view them later.

DTC Changes:


User Notes

Shipment Data Validation for Manual Edit Orders

Edit DTC Orders via UI - Update Data Validations

Ignore shopify orders from countries

If client does not want to fulfill orders from specific countries, do not show these orders on the orders list.

Improvement: persist image captures on create/edit UNL

Storing Images in Unloading

Improvement: wrap text on select UNL # dropdown

Unloading dropdown selector - UI Improvements

Display store name on Pack Screen

On DTC Packing screen, you will now see the order's store name.

Order Returns issue - cannot return 1 out of 2 items on order

Fixed error during Order Return putaway which required user to scan both Good bin and Damaged bin but had only one damaged item to putaway.

Move order - FEFO items selection [backend]

Given a material ID requested in a move order, OG will perform FEFO accross all mapped vendor items to select the optimal candidate

Move order - Start picking endpoint [backend]


Move order - Short pick endpoint [backend]


Move order - Pick items endpoint [backend]


Move order - Finish picking endpoint [backend]


Move order -Iinventory commitment [backend]

Inventory will be committed when the pick list is generated for the first time, and when the user chooses to re-sync a move order.

Move Order - Pick list screen [UI]

Users will be presented with the optimal location and vendor items to pick items from. Users can add their desired picking stops in this screen.

Move Order - Move order screen UI

Users will be presented with the product, qty, UOM and location to pick from.

Move Order - Order Summary screen [UI]

Users will be presented with all actions taken during the pick trip (after picking has been completed), before proceeding to drop off items in staging/final destination.

Move Order - Selected tags&Scan Drop Off screens [UI]

Users will be prompted to scan the picking cart tag, and the drop-off destination (staging or final).

Move Order - Select Order page [UI]

Users will be presented with the optimal location and vendor items to pick items from. Users can add their desired picking stops in this screen.

Move Order - Pick list summary screen [UI]

Users will be presented with all product picks added to the pick list, before proceeding to start picking.

Move Order - Introduce Optional Bin Alias

Users can now add an optional description to a bin location, so that final destinations are easier to location while dropping off Move Orders.

Create a new Move Order Section (UI) and Permissions

Users will find Move Order under the Warehouses Module in WH-Side of the application.

Vendor Integration


Receiving Orders - Delivery/create dates are wrong in Receiving Orders list page

Users will now see corrected order and delivery dates in the Receiving Orders page

Receiving Orders - Add the UOM column on View order page

In-app POs will now display the UOM tag when viewing or printing the PO.

Receiving Order - Incorrect convertion for weighted items after generation RO from Replenishment (big numbers)


Bug Fixes and Other:

Bug Fixes and Other

User Notes

Bug: Pick Trip Report

Pick Trip Report Bug Fix

Hotfix: Item CSV export error

Item Export File Bug Fix

Issue scanning item on Receive to Bin screen RV2

Scan Item in the Receive to Bin screen in Receiving V2 - Bug Fix

Create PO for partner with supplier type (non-integrated) Bugs while creating POs with non-integrated suppliers addressed

Hotfix - barcode override after delta import from integrations

Fixed barcode toggle turning off for items that would come through the delta import

There is no error "Missing required fields"


Add searching by Material item names and Material item IDs


EA deletes from the item after delta import


Add convertation to minimal units from back for EA


Incorrect ordered value from back


Post media carrier error during packing: “invalid value “undefined” for header “x-api-key”"

Updated API key

hotfix: Login errors

Display confirmation when user accepts invitation. "Invitation accepted"

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