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Scan Tag and Consumption Bins
Scan Tag and Consumption Bins
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Scan Tag Overview

The Scan Tag feature allows finding the items using the Tag or Bin codes attached to the products.

The Scan tag page is a copy of an Express Scan Tag tab. The feature is added to two tabs so all the clients may have access to the feature (both using the Warehouse and Express tabs).

Consumption Bins

Consumption Bins exist to allow users to take items out of stock to combine or use on the warehouse floor. For example, before cooking a new dish out of multiple others, (e.g. cooking a salad out of peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, and sauce) unfreezing the items, or throwing them away, these items first get placed into the physical consumption Bins. When some amount of items is put into the consumption Bin it is considered “not available“ in stock. This action will show up under Inventory Posting as a movement to the bin.

There are three types of consumption bin:

  • "Consumption - Production"

  • "Consumption - Thawing"

  • "Consumption - Waste"

Warehouse/Bin View

We only support the one-way movement for the items to the consumption bin, so they are shown in the UI in the list of the Bins with the “Empty” status.

Move items

Entire Tags cannot be moved into a consumption bin. If you attempt to move a tag from a standard bin to a consumption bin, this pop-up will appear, and you can transfer all items from the tag:

Congratulations! You have successfully managed Scan Tag and Consumption Bins in OrderGrid.

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