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An overview on the possible statuses of Bins

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Bins are assigned to some specific locations. These contain Tags which describe items.

Bin Status Definitions

Locked: Tags and items are locked, no actions can be performed with this bin.

Empty: No items in this bin. There can be one or more tags that do not contain any items.

Full: This bin is determined to be full.

Reserved: Bin is currently being picked from.

Note, there are updates being done to bin status and UI which is expected to be completed by end of May 2023. New definitions will be as follows:

Empty: No items are currently in this Bin.

In Use: When a bin has items in it but it is not locked, deactivated, on hold or deleted.

Locked: A user can manually lock a bin to prevent any items or tags from being moved into or out of it.

Full: The bin is full. Note: the system does not know the dimensions of the bin, so this must be assigned manually.

Deactivated: If a bin is deactivated, it cannot be interacted with until it is reactivated.

Hold: When a bin is on hold, pickers will not be able to pick from it, but stock can be moved in other ways .

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