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The page is used to manage the Warehouse-related settings. There are four tabs, which manage general, carrier, receiving and line settings.

Warehouse settings

The first tab has general warehouse settings:

1. The Manager PIN is needed for some actions, such as cancelling an existing order, and can be set and changed here.

2. If Skip Loading for Express Orders is toggled off, when a user completes an order, the user must click a button to confirm shipping.

3. Skip delivery step for B2B orders performs the same as the previous toggle, but for B2B clients.

4. Allow In-Store Receiving is for Hybrid clients in the Express module. It allows the warehouse to create express receiving in the store receiving.

5. The Allow Multi PO Receiving toggle enables performing receiving with multiple POs at once.

6. Allow Dispatch Lanes toggles the Lanes functionality. Note: if the toggle is turned off the Lanes tab is hidden from the interface.

Carrier settings

The Carrier Settings tab is used to create and manage the existing carriers used in the Loading process. This list of carriers can be further managed in the Carrier Settings page.

If an order comes into the system without a specified carrier, it will use the default settings, which are set here:

Receiving bins

The tab is used to create and manage the Receiving Bins (physical locations in the warehouse where the orders may be received). Once the location is created it is added to the Receiving -> New receiving -> Details page.

Line settings

The Line Settings tab allows associating the line with printers to print out the labels, documents, and cards. This association would be applied to the Lines page.
The printer list consists of all the printers that the user’s device has access to.

Congratulations! You have successfully managed Warehouse Settings in OrderGrid.

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