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The page allows clients to set default carriers for orders from Shopify integration going to Canada, the USA, and internationally. These default carriers are set at the company, store, and warehouse levels.

Default Carrier tab

The tab allows setting the default carrier for the orders on the Store and Warehouse level. Click Add Default Carrier, and select the desired Default Carrier for a given Store, Warehouse and Destination. A few examples are shown below.

Carrier Mapping tab

This functionality is used to map the orders to carriers from Shopify on the warehouse level. To manage the list of available warehouses go to Warehouses > Settings.

1. When an order comes in, the system will check if it has an assigned carrier in Shopify for the order's country. If there is a mapping, it will assign the carrier from this page.

2. If there is no mapping for the Shopify store/country, it the system will assign the default carrier from the Default Carrier tab.

3. If there is no mapping on the Default Carrier tab, the global warehouse default will apply.

Congratulations! You have successfully managed Default Carriers in OrderGrid.

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