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Add Backup EAN
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EAN: European Article Number, an EAN is the barcode associated with a unique product.

UOM: Unit of Measure, items can be sold as individual units (Eaches) or in Cases.


The Add Backup EAN page is used by warehouse management to assign more than one EAN to an item in OrderGrid. Within this page, users will be able to search from the current warehouse’s existing products and assign a new Backup EAN to them.

As this is a high-risk activity, you must double check that you input the correct EAN, and this feature should only be accessible to the following: Supervisor, Assistant Site Manager, and Site Manager.

If a backup EAN already exists, this will be overwritten with the new one.


1. First, scan the barcode for the item you want a backup EAN, or enter it manually.

2. The current details for the item will be shown, including its standard EAN or any existing Backup EAN. Note: If an item is sold with multiple UOMs, it may have EANs for both.

3. Select the desired UOM. You can now scan the backup EAN or manually enter it. If you do not scan the EAN, it must be typed a second time to avoid any manual errors.

4. Click confirm and the new Backup EAN is set. Note: This will override any previous backup EAN.

5. Both the standard barcode and Backup EAN will now be visible from the Inventory > Item view.

Congratulations! You have successfully added a Backup EAN in OrderGrid.

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