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Release R317 - August 15th, 2023
Release R317 - August 15th, 2023
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Here are the latest product updates of OrderGrid! Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.

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Global Changes:


User Notes

Add Age-verification data to Orders Sold Report

If an order contain age restricted items and therefore requires age verification, the prompt that is selected upon order handoff will be recorded on the API based Orders Report. This Option selected during handoff show up "ageVerificationResult” field.

Update Error handling for POST /move-order

When creating move orders using POST /move-order endpoint, for items that are invalid, we should return: 400 - Bad Request with the message “Invalid Item IDs: ”. This would show all invalid item ids in the same response.

[Fuzzy search] Refactor fuzzy search logic, create separate reusable service

Improve query speed

[Fuzzy search] Improve fuzzy search to return more relevant results on top of the list

Improve fuzzy search result, return more relevant results on top of the list. Now user could have hard time to find item in list of results:

Error Handling for POST /item endpoint

Handle POST /item call with "tags": null, preventing request timeout. Also, handle case where "tags" Key-Value pair is completely removed from the payload, preventing request timeout

Store API - Improve Error handling for Order Creation

Handle creation of orders via Store API with duplicate and/or invalid SKUs. The error handling will indicate all item skus that may be duplicate or invalid in the request

[Move-Order] Webhooks for events in Move Orders

Items Picked as a part of Move orders will trigger Callback Events of "Item Picked" type containing entire Move Order detail in the payload

Manual and Shopify Orders - Send StoreAPI Webhooks

For all of the Order Related Event Callbacks, send those calls in cases where order has types Manual and Shopify (In addition to the currently used Store API Order Type)

AWS Rate Limiting Implementation

Technical Improvements - AWS API Gateway for Rate Limiting

Ability to search orders by sku, item name, tracking number, destination

Search capabilities on Sales/Orders Page - Multi Keyword Search and Return any Orders with SKU, Item Name, Partial Tracking Number, Any Part of Shipping Address

Sales > Orders - Improvements to Search functionality

Reduce the Impact of Sales/Orders Page Search Queries on Database to improve overall load and application performance

Reports - Scalability considerations

Improve Reporting Scalability and Performance in OrderGrid with updates to Database load balancing techniques

Shopify order imports only retrieve first set of orders

Expanded this import functionality

Add Item fields to the GET /report/item, GET /item and GET /item/{sku} endpoints

added to this endpoint

Receiving Orders - Filters reset when backing out of any drill in screen - should retain filters

On Receiving Orders page, when users click back, the filters will persist.

Paralellize Each Partner in IBM

No changes to user flow. Users can expected quicker and more reliable completion of scheduled replenishment tasks.

IBM SQS/Lambda Implementation

No user impact

Replenishment - Extend export for item parameters

Add Item Description, Vendor Name, and Item Type fields on the Replenishment/Item Parameters export

Replenishment - Fix actualization issue

Fixes to Replenishment actualization process

Replenishment > Order Window - Order as soon/as late as possible logic update

Fixes to Order Window logic, enabling the grouping of orders over a predefined number of days.

Replenishment - Min Max strategy improvements

Configuration of min-max strategies, enabling the configurationo of a re-order point and re-order qty at the material and vendor item level.

Replenishment - Recommendation Email Notification to add a .csv attachment

Purchase Recommendation notification will include a CSV file attachment in the email.

Replenishment - Activation status is not accurate for forecast files

Fixes to inaccurate file activation status displayed in the UI.

Replenishment - Not showing demand in planning for items with demand in forecast file

Related to the File activation issue. If a file was not activated, but the UI displays it as activated, users would not find the items in the planning tab. This fix will ensure that if a file is activated, all corresponding items will be displayed in the UI.

Replenishment - Triggering recommendations for items with no demand

Enhancements to Min Level Trigger logic so that we only generate recommendations if final stock reaches min level AND there is upcoming demand.

Partners - Minimum Order Quantity/Amount

Users can configure supplier's minimum order quantities and subtotal amounts.

Receiving - Minimum Order Quantity/Amount

Users will be alerted if a PO does not a meet a supplier's minimum requirements.

PO - PDF Improvements

Improvements to PO PDF to facilitate the understanding and analysis of the PO.

Show inv_deliveries.shipment.clientAccount = false when client is not using their carrier account

This is a data-enrichment ticket. We are adding a flag to track when a client account is not used for shipments. Currently we only track when a client account is used.

Items import - not creating net new brands

During CSV item import, any string under Brands that does not exist will be created during import.

Express Changes:


User Notes

Express>Express receiving - Fix filter in-store receiving by categories

When 1-unit receivings is turned off, show all values that require >1 unit to be received (hide entries with 1 unit)

Targeted Sampling for express clients V2

Enabling the Promotions module on Express Stores and Orders. Users can configure for items to be added to an order based on item composition and order total.

Claims - extract a report on all the claims made across all sites over a given time period

Users will be able to access a report that extracts all claims, for all sites, over a given time period

DTC Changes:


User Notes

Magento Order Integration Update - Add Address Line 2

Update to existing Magento Create Order Integration to add a new shipping address field “street2” which will allow multi line addresses to be sent from Magneto to OrderGrid

Integration to [client] APIs

Build Middleware to fetch DTC Orders from client APIs and create those orders in OrderGrid for Fulfilment. Also, use this middleware to also handle Client's Distributions which will be used to create Purchase Orders, Warehouse Transfer Orders and DTC Orders in OrderGrid

Redesign Warehouse Carrier Settings - Phase I

Redesign Carrier Settings at the Warehouse level for DTC Warehouses. Allow Carrier selections by destination country for each warehouse. The new Carrier Setting will also support Warehouses located outside US and Canada

Capture Serial/Security at the time of picking - Serial/Security

Handle scanning of serial number and security seals during DTC Picking. Formats are validated and stored in the order.

Warehouse Orders

Creating an Order Dashboard for Warehouse managers on Warehouse Metrics report. The screen includes pick tag number, warehouse user, and client. Users can flag, unflag, and void orders from this page.

bins import/export UX

Improved error handling during Bins import. Improved Bins export file format to retain leading 0s.

AM/client email notifications

Added ability to specify email notifications on Settings. Introduced email notification when an order goes into conflict.

Freightcom update - deliver duties paid (DDP) & deliver duties unpaid (DDU)

Renamed Freightcom services to specify DDU and DDP. Clients can now select their preference between DDU and DDP services.

Customs broker form - freightcom

Introduced a form to collect customs broker data and added toggle to enable sending this data with Freightcom shipments.

Capture Serial/Security at the time of return - per unit

Validate each unit's serial number and security seals on returns. On damaged items, security seal and serial number are not required.

RV2 - WH setting - allow overreceiving with PO- warehouse setting toggle: enable/disable "Allow Receiving V2 over-receiving withPO"

Matching Express Receiving functionality to Receiving V2 module

RV2 - RO Claims Form

Matching Express Receiving functionality to Receiving V2 module

Receiving V2 - company list should include WH, not only client company

Included warehouse company on new receiving flow

Shopify Location ID - when creating OG Shopify integration, location ID should be Shopify's default location

Added a dropdown field on Shopify integrations to select location. Deactive stores are not included in the list.

hotfix postmedia tracking link update

Updated service postal codes

Bug Fixes and Other:

Bug Fixes and Other

User Notes

order status UI minor fix

Added padding to shipped and returned orderes

Client Carrier Mapping bug fix

if there is no ‘carrier mapping’ set, then use client’s ‘default carrier’

cycle count CSV import - handle error "cannot read properties of null (reading '_id')"

This error is related to an item ID on the CSV that does not match any item ID at the warehouse the user is uploading to.
When the item ID is not found at the warehouse, throw error “No matching items found at warehouse [code].”

Bug fix - When PO is closed, the ordered qty persists.

Now, only open POs are summed into an item's ordered qty, not closed nor completed POs.

Bug fix - Movement Posting not loading

Fixed movement posting tab on inventory detail page

hotfix: claim form UOMs

Fixed Ordered qty and Received qty UOMs

Cycle Counts - Discrepancy between not counted records on Dashboard and Mobile

Fixed records displayed on CC dashboard and CC mobile views

Fix Scan Tag flow if items have EA's Pick By = False

Fixes to Scan Tag flow to unlock transactions when items in the TAG have their EA Pick By set to False.

Move Order Prod Fixes

Critical Fixes to the new Move Order flow.

Move Order - Discrepancies in UOM displayed in Sales>Move Orders

Fixes to the UOM displayed in Sales>Move Orders.

PO Email Notification not triggered

Fixes to undelivered PO Email Notifications.

Consumption bin inventory posting balance changes are not correct

Fixes to inventory posting when moving items into consumption bins via the manual movement flow.

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