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Release R319 - September 13th, 2023
Release R319 - September 13th, 2023
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OrderGrid is moving to continuous deployment, which means we will have smaller releases more often.
Here are the latest product updates of OrderGrid! Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.


User Notes

Receiving V2 - mixed lots setting

On Warehouse Settings page, update toggle label from: “allow multiple lot codes in the same inventory location”
to: “allow same item with different lot codes in one tag”
When this toggle is true, only throw an error when user attempts to receive a different lot code when the same item and a different lot code exists on the same tag.

Receiving V2 - putaway item tag to any bin location improvements

Use tags toggle hides “use tags” and “pallet” “Item” “case” buttons on receive to bin page. User can also click 'X' on the "use tags" button to hide the button and the tag type buttons.
User can scan a bin, then scan a tag that does not belong to that bin, the tag number is displayed on the UI, and the tag will then move to that bin.

Filters reset when backing out of any drill in screen - should retain filters - RV2

On the Receiving V2 module, when users click back, the filters will persist.

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