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How to connect your online store
How to connect your online store

Instructions on how to sync your online store to OrderGrid.

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Follow these instructions to connect your online store to OrderGrid. Successful completion of this step allows OrderGrid to receive orders in real-time, directly from your online store.

Requirements - Shopify Integration

Here are three things you should need to set up on your Shopify store before setting up the API integration between OrderGrid and your store.

Note: We are working on becoming a Shopify public app but it's a rigorous process. For now, enable 'private app development' and you're good to go!

Process - Shopify Integration

1. Navigate to the Sales module on OrderGrid and select “Stores” from the drop-down menu.

2. Click 'Connect Store' button.

3. Select the Shopify Integration from the list.

4. Toggle "Connect as private app".

5. Enter 'Store Domain' (only "YOUR-DOMAIN" name is needed, without the ".com"). Next, enter your Shopify API Key, Key Password, and Shared Secret by creating a private app.

Please use this legend:

API Access Token (Shopify) = Key Password (OrderGrid)
API Key (Shopify) = API Key (OrderGrid)
API Secret Key (Shopify) = Shared Secret (OrderGrid)

developer email:

6. Select the products that you want to import and click 'Continue'.

7. Configure your store details.

Note: 'Get Orders' is the date that OrderGrid will import your orders and fulfill orders from.

8. Select your products.

9. Click the 'Connect' button.

Congratulations! You have successfully setup a store with OrderGrid. Your store is now available on the 'Stores' list.

If you need any additional help regarding this topic, please reach out to us at

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