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Understanding Your Orders List
Understanding Your Orders List

Tips and tricks to better understand your orders dashboard page

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Manual Order: Orders that are manually created in the OrderGrid application. Must be created for any customer order that is not placed via one of your connected online stores.

Manual Store: A store within the OrderGrid application that can create and manage manual orders.

Module: An independent and unique piece of software that is a part of a larger application.

Fulfill: The process of receiving, picking, packing and shipping out orders directly to your customers.

Required Field: Is an input field on a form that must have a non-blank value to be valid.

Grid ID: OrderGrid's unique identification number for an order.

Order: Unique order number per store.

Store: The store the order was placed through.

Status: The current status of the order. See a list of status below:



Orders enter into the system (QUEUED),
Scheduled order, waiting for release (AWAITING RELEASE)
routed to the OrderGrid warehouse location (PROCESSING),
selected by picker (PICKING, PICKED),
moves to the pack line, then packaged (PACKING, PACKED),
and finally, picked up the shipping carrier (SHIPPED)

CONFLICT: Issue with the order preventing it from being fulfilled. Make sure to check clear any orders that are marked as CONFLICT. You can refer to this article for step-by-step instructions to resolve conflicted orders.

CANCELLED: The online store order data doesn't match the order OrderGrid picked and packed. This is usually because there is a change in the quantity needed fulfilled (i.e. more or less than what we picked and packed), or a technological issue that is preventing the order to complete fulfillment.


Your Orders List is a list of all orders that have been placed on your connected online stores. Once an order has been placed on your e-commerce website, it will be routed to OrderGrid and visible on this page.

On this page you can...

  • Create a new order

  • Export orders list

  • Refresh orders list

  • Filter orders list

  • View, edit and void an order

Read this article to learn more about your Orders List and its' functions.


1. Navigate to the Sales module on OrderGrid and select “Orders” from the drop-down menu.

2. You can filter at the top via warehouse location, connected stores, order status, and date. You can also use the search bar to search any of the data showing on the dashboard.

3. The right menu buttons allow you to export the order data and adjust the filters showing on the page. You can filter by any of the filters showing on the page, just click on the heading.

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