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How to Create a Manual order
How to Create a Manual order

Instructions on how to create a manual order in OrderGrid.

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Manual orders can be created in the OrderGrid application when you need to ship products outside of your online store. For example, you may wish to send promotional items to an influencer or a customer.


Note: Please ensure you have created a Manual Store before attempting to create a manual order. Instructions on how to create a Manual Store can be found here.

1. Navigate to the Sales module on OrderGrid and select “Orders” from the drop-down menu.

2. Click the “New Order” button.

Note: Your manual store is automatically selected. If you do not see your store name displayed, please create a manual store and continue to the next step.

3. Click the drop-down menu and select the item you want to add.

Note: The options in the drop-down menu are the products that you imported from your online store and mapped to your OrderGrid Items.

4. Click the 'Add Item' button.

5. Input the item details (price and quantity).

Note: For manual orders, the recipient of the order does not charged for the order. The price field is required for manual orders to international destinations in order to create a commercial invoice.

6. Select the warehouse that will fulfill this order.

Note: Repeat Step #3 - Step #5 to add more items to your Manual Order.

7. Go to the "Destinations" tab.

8. Add in Order/Customer details. First/last name, email, address, country, state/province, city, postal code and phone number are all required fields.

Note: The destination address must be correct. If the destination address is incorrect, the order may not reach the recipient.

Please use the "notes" space under "Items" tab to add any extra information or special requests that you might have. For example, picking up orders at the warehouse.

9. Go to the "Carrier" tab.

10. Add in Carrier and Service Type details. On this page you can also calculate an estimate of shipping cost based on the expected size of your order.


Items are not showing up on the dropdown menu. This is happening because the items are not mapped.

  1. Go to Shopify and create a draft item, make sure to add a SKU.

  2. Go back to OrderGrid and map the Shopify item to the OrderGrid item.

  3. Try creating the order again.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a manual order in OrderGrid.

If you need any additional help regarding this topic, please reach out to us at

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