Warehouse Visiting Rules

Guidelines to be followed at the warehouse.

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Looking for the warehouse address? It's over here!

Disclaimer: These rules are in place to ensure the safety and privacy of all personnel and products in the warehouse.

1. Warehouse Visiting Rules

1.1 All visits must be booked 48 hours in advanced with your customer success team member.

1.2 Appointments canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice are subject to a cancelation fee in the next billing cycle.

1.3 If you are late by more than half an hour, we will consider your appointment canceled and it will need to be rescheduled and a cancelation fee may be charged.

1.4 You must remain with your escort for the duration of your visit.

1.5 Proper attire must be worn while on the premises or admittance may be denied. This is to ensure safety to both you and your products.

1.5.1 Flat closed toe shoes

1.5.2 Long pants

1.5.3 No clothing with adornments (e.g., sequins, glitter, and feathers etc.)

1.5.4 No accessories that could pose a safety risk (e.g., scarfs, jewelry etc.)

1.5.5 No strong perfumes

1.6 Photographs are permitted with approval. However, they may only be taken of your products.

1.7 Please seek prior approval before photographing or posting any photos of our team or warehouse on social media. The privacy of all our clients is very important to us.

2. Sending / Picking Up Product to OrderGrid Warehouse

2.1. All items must be in a box / proper container. Each of the box / proper container must be labelled with name / sku / lot / expiry / color/ quantity (if applicable)

2.1.1. For new SKUs, if the dimensions are found to be incorrect during receiving inspection, the receiving will be subject to delays and additional fees.

2.2. We DO NOT count every item! We verify quantity and do random sample inspections.

2.3. Maximum permissible pallet height is 54 inches. Additional cost will be charged for re palletizing to fit into warehouse racks.

2.4. There should be absolutely no mixing of SKUS or batches/lot codes.

2.5. An RO should be filled out prior to products arriving to the warehouse. If an RO is not completed or is inaccurate you will be charged an additional sorting fee and the receiving process will therefore be delayed.

2.6. No pickup from your end customers. You may pick up on their behalf, with prior notice.

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