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Understanding your Order Page
Understanding your Order Page

Tips and tricks to better understand your order page.

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Financial Status: The current payment condition of the order.

Order Type / Source: What platform the order was originated on. (i.e. Shopify).

OrderGrid ID: OrderGrid's unique identification number for an order.

Shopify Order #: Shopify's unique identification number for an order.

Notes: This is where you can add any important information that you want flagged to the warehouse team. (i.e. specific shipping requests).

Carrier Name: Company used to ship the order.

Tracking: The order's tracking information will be visible here as soon as the order is packed.

Recipient Information: This is where the customer's shipping information will be. The address should be validated by the Google integration and the phone number must be 10 digits. Please avoid using any symbols.

Line Items: All the items that are in the order.

OG Item #: OrderGrid's unique identification number for an item.

Item Code: The Item's SKU.

Set Group: If the item belongs to a set, it will be visible here.

Fulfillable Qty: The ordered amount of the product listing from the store.

Required Qty: The converted amount of fulfillable qty to a UOM that are needed for the order.

Shipped Qty: The amount of items that were shipped in the order.

Shipments: This is where you will be able to see the shipping information. If it is a big order or it has been partially fulfilled, you will see various tracking numbers here.

Warehouse: What location the order was shipped from.

Cost: The price of shipping.

Status: Here you will be able to see the current status of the shipment.

Loaded = On the truck.

Completed = Packed, still at the warehouse.

Released: When the shipment was handed to the carrier. You can click on the the arrow under 'Released' to see what items where shipped and which shipping package was used. (i.e. poly mailer, box, etc.)

Issues Timeline: Under this tab you will be able to see any issues with the order. Please note that under 'Created' you can see when the issue occurred, as it might have already been resolved.

Note: OG app obtains accurate information in real time from your Shopify/Sticky app. But it is important to highlight that OG sync happens in status ‘queued’ and ‘in processing’. Sync stop in picking onwards.

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Your Order Page is where you will be able to find all the information related to a specific order.

On this page you can...

  • Get the tracking number

  • See the status of your order

  • Flag/Edit/Void/Complete your order

  • Check the financial status

  • See the recipient address

  • Add notes - these are seen by our operations team at the warehouse

  • See the items in the order

  • Check the cost of shipping

  • Review and resolve any conflicts

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Navigate to the Sales module on OrderGrid and select “Orders” from the drop-down menu. From there, you can select any specific order that you are looking for.

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