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Dynamically add items to an online store orders based on conditions

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Promotions allows you to dynamically add items, such as a thank you card, to all your orders, or based on a condition like order value or when a customer orders a specific SKU.

These can run for a limited period or for a fixed amount of orders, or just run until they're manually deactivated.


1. Navigate to Sales > Promotions. Here you can see your active promotions, with a toggle for inactive ones. These can additionally be filtered by your Stores.

2. Click New Promotion to open the Create Promotion page.

3. Write a Description and select a Store and Start Date.

3.a If you want your promotion to run for a limited time, you can add an End Date.

3.b If you want your promotion to run for limited orders, you can set # of uses. Otherwise this should be 0 for unlimited.

4. Now add Promotional Items. You can search by item name or SKU, and add a Qty.

Note: These are the items you will be adding as the promotion, such as stickers. cards, etc.

5. On the Conditions tab, you can set what triggers the promotion. This can be based upon the Total Cost, or a specific or set of Items within the order.

6. Multiple conditions can be set. In the below example, an order must contain either a Matte sweater | medium or an OG hoodie, with multiple sizes available, and equal $100.

Note: You can change the condition field for orders under or over an assigned Order Total as well as equals.

7. Click Save and your promotion will now appear in the list.

8. New orders will be given the promotion automatically when they are created, but pre-existing orders may not, so these may need to be reimported.

Congratulations! You have successfully added a new promotion in OrderGrid.

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