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Viewing and reviewing expiry dates

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This report allows a user to quickly view which items may be reaching their expiry or are already out of date.


To find your Lot Expiry Report, go to the Reports tab and select Lot Expiry in the list.

1. Choose the Warehouse you want to review.

2. There is a Search Bar which can be used to narrow down results.

3. You can click any of the fields detailed above to sort ascending or descending.

Note: Default sorting shows items with the closest expiry dates first.

4. The three dots in the top right can be used to toggle extra columns or export this report. It will download as a .csv file.


Days to Expiry: This shows number of days until your item reaches its expiry date. It will be highlighted orange if it will expire within a week, or red if it has already expired.

Items out of date with highlighted Days to Expiry

System Quantity / UOM: The amount of stock currently held for this item, and what Unit Of Measure (UOM) it's counted by. For example, 32 EA would be 32 Eaches (individual items).

Purchase Default Quantity / UOM: The amount of stock purchased at a time by default. This may be in Cases (CS) and may be a decimal amount. For example, if a case contains 6 items and the Purchase Default Quantity is 3, the total number of individual items will be 18.

Expiry Date: The expiry date for your item. Two of the same item can have different expiry dates, and will show up on different rows.

Lot Code: ####

Bin: The physical location for this item.

Tag / Tag Status: Two of the same item can have a different Tag, for example if they have different expiry dates. Tag Status shows whether these are released for sale, damaged or on hold for another reason.

Some fields are toggled off by default. These show the OrderGrid Code, Item Id, Item Category and Order Category.

Congratulations! You have successfully used the Lot Expiry Report in OrderGrid.

If you need any additional help regarding this topic, please reach out to us at info@ordergrid.com.

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