Managing multiple OrderGrid warehouses

If your stock is shared between multiple warehouses, each can be managed separately.

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OrderGrid has warehouses in Toronto, Miami and Mexico City, which allow us to ship your products across Canada, the US and Mexico. This document will give you all the information you need to manage your stock in multiple warehouses.


TOR-01: Location name for OrderGrid's Toronto Warehouse.

MEX-01: Location name for OrderGrid's Mexico City Warehouse.

MIA-01: Location name for OrderGrid's Miami Warehouse.

How to Switch Warehouse Locations and view Inventory

1. When logging into the OrderGrid app, you may be prompted to choose a warehouse which contains your items.

2. You can change this at any time by selecting your profile in the top-right corner and clicking on a different warehouse.

Note: The warehouse you are currently viewing will always be shown next to the profile icon / user menu.

3. When viewing the Inventory table, you will only see the stock in your current warehouse. In the below example, the selected warehouse is WH 1 Demo. To see stock in your other warehouses, you must switch your location.

Note: To see your full stock across all warehouses, try exporting the inventory CSV file and combining them.

Creating a Manual Order across Multiple Warehouses

If you wish to create a manual order and have multiple warehouses, you must specify which warehouse each item is shipped from:

Note that two items in the same manual order can be shipped from different warehouses. Click here more information about Creating A Manual Order.

Congratulations! You have successfully managed stock in multiple warehouses in OrderGrid.

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