A set is a group of items that is sold or counted as one unit. It can contain multiple types of item, multiple of the same item, or any combination. Sets need assigned names, SKUs, and every field a regular item would. If you haven't set up a single item, try How to set up an item.


1. Go to Items under the Inventory tab and click the "New Item" button.

2. Fill out the required fields and make sure the Set is toggled on.

Note: This should create a new box titled "Set".

3. Add an item and quantity to the set and click "Add Item". The item is ONLY added after clicking the Add Item button.

4. This means that you must leave an empty row to count all your items, like in the example below. To add another item, repeat step 3.

5. Continue to create the set as you would a regular item, using How To Set Up an Item.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a set in OrderGrid.

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