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Release 3.2.1 - week of November 1st, 2022
Release 3.2.1 - week of November 1st, 2022
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Here's the latest product updates for both Express and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) products of OrderGrid! Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.

See UI changes here.

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Express Changes:


Operational Changes

Alert when stock goes below certain quantity

In-Store Receiving banner on the top right of Express Orders


User Notes

Client-specific - Alert when stock goes below certain quantity

Client-specific management team completed training

Scan INR barcodes

Allows users to scan INR barcode to validate item.

RO Dashboard improvements

User can see receiving orders dashboard with custom time period

Populate default values after re-import and UI changes

Add default values for store-specific menus.

Don’t show populated default values for store-specific menus on UI.

Regenerate menu when changing stores connected to layouts

Stabilization and fix regeneration store specific and time specific menus when users change set of assigned stores for layouts

Picking Session Webhooks Events (Start, Progress, Packed, Fulfilled, Shorted Product)

Adding callbacks for the following new events:

  • Picking Started

  • Item Picked

  • Item Short Picked

  • Inventory Changes

Receiving Improvements - Explore removing 'putaway list' step

Express receiving is streamlined by adding an option to remove putaway screens from the app.

Tag Logging - Creating Log of Manual Changes

All changed to Tag statuses and reason for changes will now be logged for reference


Unable to update Tag in Inventory due to 400 error

Reporting APIs - Create GET /report/grn endpoint in StoreAPI

No changes for Ops

Reporting APIs - Updates

Added company, createdAt and updatedAt fields in Inventory Report, Items Report, Lot Expiry Report and Order Report

Cycle Count

Triggered Items are not displayed on Mobile-page (empty array in response)


type: "MultiPO" is not correct displayed on GRN Report page

Bug fix: Backup EAN

Bug fix - Backup EAN now correctly saving to the UOM Backup EAN field.

DTC Changes


Operational Changes

Add DTC manual carriers

DTC Operations will be able to select additional manual carriers, such as ‘Pick Up’, LTL, AM Delivery, PM Delivery.

Selecting carriers based on Client settings

DTC clients will have the ability to specify carrier services at a store level, warehouse level, and destination area.

Shipping Auto-select from shopify

Related to above.

Lot code updates on Operations receiving

Added expiry date column to the right of lot code on Receiving Order. Improved lot code and expiry receiving accuracy.

Unable to update lot info in Inventory

Bug fix

Inter-Warehouse / Manual Order Inventory Transfer

You can now transfer inventory from one warehouse to another without requiring the item to be listed in a store. This is accomplished through the ‘New Transfer’ feature introduced in the Stores>Orders Page. See help doc.

Bug fix: shopify inventory sync: enable syncing for 50+ items

Fixed Issue found with inventory sync for 50+ items.

Qty available to exclude to damages / hold values

Updated fields to show inventory quantity available for fulfillment, this does not include any tags that are damaged or on hold. On order page, "stock qty" field changed to "qty available". On inventory page, "available" field updated.

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