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Warehouse Transfers

How to move stock between multiple warehouses.

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When working with multiple warehouses, you may want to manage their inventories and send stock from one to another. Under the Orders page, you can create a special type of manual order to move stock between your warehouses.


1. First, click on New Transfer under Sales>Orders.

2. Under the Items tab, you can choose which items to transfer. First, select an Originating Warehouse and then use the search bar to choose which items to transfer.

Note: Remember to change the quantity of the item!

3. The Destination tab allows you to select where to ship your stock. By clicking the dropdown menu, you can select one of your other warehouses.

4. If you want to ship to a new location, select New Destination and fill out the fields manually.

5. Finally, the Carrier tab can be used to select which Carrier and Service Type you wish to use. This functions identically to the Carrier tab when creating a manual order.

6. Now you can press the Create Transfer button and we'll transfer your stock! A receiving order will be automatically created in your other warehouse.

Congratulations! You have successfully transferred inventory between warehouses in OrderGrid.

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