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Note: Receiving statuses can be one of the following: Draft, Open, Completed, Cancelled and Closed.

Draft: The receiving is being created, but has not yet started, such as if some extra details are needed.

Open: The receiving has started, and items can be moved to new locations in the warehouse.

Completed: All items have been received, and the receiving is finished.

Cancelled: The receiving has been cancelled.

Closed: The receiving has been put on hold, and may be reopened in the future.


Receiving process used by D2C warehouses for D2C clients.
Step 2 of the Unloading-Receiving-Pick-Pack-Loading process. During the receiving process, the items are taken from the unloading area to the physical shelves in the warehouse.

Note, this is a walkthrough of the process within application.


Creating a new receiving:

1. Under Warehouses > Receiving, click New Receiving.

2. Select the client company, the PO number, and add an optional Unloading number. If no PO is supplied, just click the No PO# toggle.

3. If you have a PO, the items should automatically fill out. Otherwise, click Add Item and select the items in the receiving.

4. Set the Lot Code and Tag type. Change the Receiving amount to reflect the number of total items, and make sure to change the #Tags and Per tag fields reflect the quantity.

Note: In this example, the second item's receiving qty is 40, so there are 4 tags with 10 items each.

5. Finally, click on the Details tab at the top. This will let you scan the items to a pallet for unloading. Select the receiving bin to assign to the receiving, and click Add pallet to select the number of pallets.

6. At the end of the Receiving process, the Tags are generated. These can now be scanned to put your items away from the receiving bin to other locations in the Warehouse.

Print button

The button is placed on the “New receiving“ page.
When pressed the button prints the tab selected (Items/Detail).

Congratulations! You have successfully processed a receiving order in OrderGrid.

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