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OrderGrid Partner Portal (Admin)

How to manage suppliers and the Product Catalogue

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Supplier: A supplier is the third party which delivers your stock to your warehouse.

Status: Suppliers can have a status of Invited, if they're added to the portal but haven't yet accepted the invitation, Active if they are currently supplying goods, Inactive if you plan to stop shipments temporarily, or Deleted if you wish to remove them altogether.

Product Catalogue: A list of all items being shipped to your warehouse. These must be approved to show up on the main Ordergrid app as part of your Inventory.

Approved/Unapproved Items: On the Product Catalogue, you can assign which items you want to approve for use in the OG app by clicking the Approved column.


The Partner portal is a standalone application used to create and manage the product catalogue, receive the orders and integrate with the warehouses from the supplier’s perspective.

This page covers the aspects of the portal visible to the Admin. For information on Supplier pages, click here.

Suppliers Overview

This page allows you to manage the Suppliers delivering to your warehouses. You can filter by Geographic Region, Status, or use the Search Bar to find specific suppliers. Additionally, you can toggle to show only suppliers with unapproved items.

To add a new supplier, click Create New. Filling out their name, email, language and region will allow you to invite them to join the Partner Portal. Once they accept the invitation, their status will go from Invited to Active.

Note: If the supplier loses the invitation, you can click the dots under Action to resend it.

Finally, under the Action column, you can Edit the details of your supplier, Export their Catalogue, or View their Catalogue.

Product Catalogue Review

The Product Catalogue shows all products supplied to your sites. This can be filtered by Warehouse, Supplier, or Category. Here you can also set individual items to Approved/Unapproved or Export the item's price history.

Note: You can Click on the status line to change an item's status, or on the circle under Action to export any changes made to the item since it was added. In the example below, TestIteem4 has been updated twice.

Congratulations! You have successfully managed Suppliers and the Product Catalogue in OrderGrid Product Portal.

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