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How to manage incoming POs and the warehouse view

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PO (Purchase Order): A purchase order is a commercial document and first official offer issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services. It is used to control the purchasing of products and services from external suppliers.

PO Status: There are several statuses: Pending, Accepted, Declined, Partially Received, Fully Received, Not Received, and Cancelled by WH.

- New POs automatically receive the Pending status. These must be Accepted or Declined by the Supplier, either by the Partner Portal or by email.

- Before the delivery arrives at the warehouse, it will stay as Accepted.

- Not Received is only for orders that are not delivered by the Due Date - the status will change to this at 12:01am on the following day.

- Once the PO arrives and is opened in Express Receiving on the main OrderGrid app, the status is set to Partially Received.

- Once the order has been fully received, the status will update to Fully Received on the portal.

- Finally, the PO may be Cancelled by Warehouse.

Supplier: A Supplier is the third party which delivers POs to the warehouse.


The Partner portal is a standalone application used to create and manage the product catalogue, receive the orders and integrate with the warehouses from the supplier’s perspective.

This page covers the aspects of the portal visible to the Supplier. For information on Admin pages, click here.

Warehouse Overview

This page allows you to view the active warehouses and which have pending POs. You can use the Search Bar to find specific suppliers or toggle to show only warehouses with pending POs. These are automatically updated from the Purchase Order page to the Status column.

Note: Only activated PP suppliers can be connected to the OG WH. In order to activate the account the user has to open the invitation email, click on the link, and set up the password.

The warehouses visible on this page are based on those set up when you are invited as a Supplier. This can be updated by Admins if required.

Purchase Orders

The Purchase Orders page is used by the Supplier to see the list of incoming POs, accepting/declining them, and tracking their statuses.

You can search by Status or Warehouse. The button under the Action column allows you to accept or decline Pending POs individually, or by using the checkbox on the far left, this can be done in bulk. Either way, this will create a pop-up to confirm your selection.

For more information about individual Purchase Orders, you can click on any row in the PO page to pull up a detailed view. It shows the PO Reference Code, Warehouse, and each Item, SKU, and Qty supplied, along with other item details. This will update in real time to show the quantity received during the receiving step.

Congratulations! You have successfully managed POs in OrderGrid Partner Portal.

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