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Release R318 - August 29th, 2023
Release R318 - August 29th, 2023
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Here are the latest product updates of OrderGrid! Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.

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Global Changes:


User Notes

Automations & Promotions: Typo in Placeholder Text for '# Of Uses' Input

"# Of Uses" input contains typos in key-value pair that controls the placeholder text when the input is active and empty.

Rv2 match express receiving functionality - in store receiving

Matching Express Receiving functionality to Receiving V2 module

Receiving Improvements: Reduce flow steps / automatically validate scanned item

When user scans barcode of item to putaway (either on putaway screen or adding to putaway list), item should be automatically validated.
This applies to both Express and DTC warehouses.

Add Bin Location to Inventory Posting Screen

The Inventory Posting tab has a new column for the bin lcoation, so that users can see which bin an inventory posting was made from.

Update dimension label on Item screen

Updated the field label with the dimension measure (cm).

Storage Move Orders - BIN object field

Users will be able to:
- flag bins as storage bins (no impact to any existing flows). Found via Warehouses>Bins>Edit Bin.

Move Orders - Hide the Item type for Storage Move Orders

For the Move Orders with Storage toggle turned “on“:
1. Set such orders as the orders with the “Vendor item“ item type selected by default.
2. Hide the “Item type“ dropdown as redundant

Storage Move Order Type in UI

Users will be able to:
- create Move Order requests for items from storage to non-storage. Found via Sales>Orders>New Move Order.

Storage Move Order Type in API

Users will be able to:
- create Move Order via API

Moving Items - Replenishment - Requests from storage to picking

Users will be able to:
- create Move Order requests for items from storage to non-storage. Found via Sales>Orders>New Move Order.
- pick Move Orders from storage to non-storage throgh guided picking and guided drop-off. Found via Warehouses>Move Orders.

Introduce "Email Supplier" Button in PO

Users will be able to email suppliers a PDF of a PO via the UI. This can be found by clicking into a PO and scrolling to the bottom of the section

Add Material ID and UOM to inv_stockpostings

Updates to the stock postings schema.

Add a field to inv_stockpostings called material_id which represents the inv_material_items._id for material items
This field should represent the mapping at the time of the posting (if available)

Add a field to inv_stockpostings called uom which represents the inv_uoms._id the posting was in
the new data will go inside the already existing schema

DTC Changes:


User Notes

Returns - add file attachment/photo at order-level

Users can attach files at an order level for returns.

Bug Fixes and Other:

Bug Fixes and Other

User Notes

Error viewing the listed promotions on Sales/Promotions module

When the user tries to view a promotion, the screen keeps loading.

[Import Orders Shopify] - Error Importing Orders While importing Orders

[Import Orders Shopify] - Error Importing Orders While importing Orders

hotfix: receiving damages part 1

Fixes to the Receiving V2 - Damage Report flow.
if I damage 2 different items, currently it is received
if you put N/A lot you can't put expiry date in
search items, if they are on PO when RO is "withPO", filter items
Damage Report/Non-Conformance Report page UI

hotfix: receiving damages part 2

The item image should persist and the camera image should be displayed as an indicator on the bottom of the page, like existing functionality for camera images in Unloadings

Warehouses/ReceivingV2> not all bins containing the same item are displayed on the pick screen

Fixed suggested bins icon

Can't upload the layout with subcategory ranking with errror "Cannot set properties of null (setting 'parentCategory')"

bug fix

Price selection is going by case amount and not by per LB for recommendations

Updates to ensure that price comparisons are made at a common unit of measure, ensuring that the cheapest option is selected during the vendor item selection process.

Set "Show 1-unit receivings" to False by Default

Changing default value of "show 1-unit receivings" from True to False.

cycle count CSV import - handle error "cannot read properties of null (reading '_id')"

cycle count CSV import is throwing an error “cannot read properties of null (reading '_id')”
This error is related to an item ID on the CSV that does not match any item ID at the warehouse the user is uploading to.

Update error message to “No matching items found at warehouse [code].”

hotfix item setup UOM improvements v2

Handle edge case for “There must be a base UOM where quantity = 1”
Remove validation UOMs should have different quantities, not the same quantity. i.e. EA and CS = 1 as clients have edge cases where 2 or more UOMs have the same qty

Bulk pick and pack fixes

Bulk pick and pack fixes

RV2 - update default client selected

When creating a new receiving, default client should be the first in the list. This reduces a step when warehouses have only one client.

RV2 - claim form saving

bug fix

DTC Order Duplication

bug fix during change line items

RV2 - tag receiving logic

bug fix on multiple item tags - receiving qtys should be the same across each tag on a receiving instance

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