Product Launch checklist

Step-by-step to ensure new products are added seamlessly

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Congrats on launching a new product or products! This checklist will help you ensure fulfillment for your product launch is seamless. It is almost exactly the same as onboarding to OrderGrid, except your store is already connected!

Product Launch Checklist

Set up your products

Send products to an OrderGrid warehouse

Approve packaging options & packing instructions

We have a range of standard materials and can assist with custom packaging.

Let us know if you have any further requirements, special instructions, inserts, suppliers etc.

Once the above is complete, we conduct a 'test ship' for you. The test order must flow seamlessly from e-commerce store, to OrderGrid, to pick & packing, and arrive at its destination with no damages. If the test ship passes all check, you are ready to go live!

Go live! Once set-up is complete you're ready to go!

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