Carrier: The shipping service (eg FedEx, CanadaPost)

Service Type: The type of package service used by the carrier (eg Expedited Parcel, Priority, Overnight Delivery).

Store: Under Sales>Stores, you can add stores to your OrderGrid account for orders which come from different sources (eg Shopify, Manual Orders).


If you have a specific Carrier or Service Type for OrderGrid fulfilment, you can now add default carrier settings. This can be customized for products being shipped from different warehouses, domestic/international services, and for each of your different Stores.


1. Navigate to Carrier Settings under Warehouses.

2. On the Default Carrier tab, as in the above image, you can add and manage your carriers.

3. By clicking Add Default Carrier, the following screen will pop up:

4. The Store dropdown allows you to select your Store. Warehouse lets you choose the location the item will ship from. You can select International, Canada, and USA as Destinations for your order - note that this may be an internal delivery based on the Warehouse chosen. Finally, the Default Carrier menu will allow you to pick the specific Shipping Service/Carrier you want to apply.

Note: You can add multiple Stores at once.

5. Once all the fields have been filled in, your new settings will appear in the table. These can be sorted by Store or edited at any time, using the three dots on the right hand side.

6. Once you've set up your default carriers, OrderGrid will automatically ship your product using the correct service!

Congratulations! You have successfully set up Default Carrier Settings in OrderGrid.

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