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Order Routing Rules
Order Routing Rules

Set up rules so orders are routed based on geographic destination

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Store Integration: Platform integration, for example Shopify, Magento, etc.

Store: Under Sales>Stores, you can add stores to your OrderGrid account for orders which come from different sources (eg Shopify, Manual Orders).

Rest of World: A shipping and logistics term for all destination countries.


For e-commerce store platforms like Shopify and Magento, you can create order routing rules based on country to route where the order gets fulfilled from.

When a store integration is first set up, a default order routing rule is created. Rest of World will be fulfilled from your OrderGrid warehouse.


Read the 4 step process below, or watch this video walkthrough!

Note: A destination country can only be in one rule at a time. You can remove a country from an active rule and add it to a new rule.

If you want to ship an order from a different warehouse than your order routing rule, you can create a manual order and select the warehouse you'd like it fulfilled from.

1. Navigate to the store on the Stores page under Sales.

2. On the Order Routing Rules tab, as in the above image, you can add and manage your order routing rules.

3. By clicking Add Rule, the following screen will pop up:

4. The Name field allows you to give a name to your rule. The Warehouse dropdown Countries allows you to multi-select one or more countries or continents.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up Order Routing Rules in OrderGrid.

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