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How to connect the OG Warehouse to a new Supplier
How to connect the OG Warehouse to a new Supplier
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By connecting your OG warehouses to the Partner Portal, you can sync inventories and manage the inventory your Suppliers can send you.


Note: You need to set up a Supplier first, before you can add your warehouse to it . This document shows how to set up a new supplier.

1. On, go to Partners > List, then click Create Partner.

2. Under Type, select "Partner Portal" and add a Name.

3. If Integrated is toggled on, this warehouse will be able to sync the items list directly to the Partner Portal. This can be left off to add the items manually.

Note: The other tabs on the New Partner view are only available once you click Save.

4. After Saving the new partner, click on the Suppliers tab and click New Supplier.

5. Fill out the Supplier Code, Name, and any Warehouse Locations you wish to assign to the supplier. They should then have access to that warehouse in the Partner Portal.

Congratulations! You have successfully added a Partner in OrderGrid.

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