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How to Set Up Packing Slips
How to Set Up Packing Slips

Users can generate a packing slip to include in orders. This can be done per order, or all orders per store.

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Packing slip template


Packing Slip: A document that includes the complete list of items packaged in a shipper.


While your end-customer will have an itemized invoice of their order, packing slips can be helpful for your customer to know what is in each shipper. OrderGrid packing slips include SKUs, shipped quantity, UOM, item name, lot code, shipping address, and billing address.


1. Log into

2. Navigate to your stores list by clicking 'Sales' on the left menu, and clicking 'Stores'.

3. Navigate to the store you'd like all orders to have a packing slip, and toggle on. Note, this will only apply to orders that will be packed after you click save. If an order is already packed before you toggle this on, this will not apply.

4. You can also enable at the order level. Navigate to an order that is in processing, and toggle the "print packing slip" button. The packing slip will be generated and printed at the pack line.

Note: if the store already has print packing slip enabled for all stores, then all orders will have this enabled and the toggle will not display.

5. You can add custom text to your packing slip note field in two ways. If an order will include a packing slip, you will see a packing slip note field on OrderGrid's edit order page. For Shopify clients, this packing slip note field is mapped to the Shopify order note field. This means, when your Shopify order is created and has order notes, then this note will also appear on the OrderGrid order for packing slips.

The Shopify order note field will be displayed on OrderGrid's packing slip note field, and will be printed on the packing slip which will be seen by customers. Be sure anyone managing your Shopify orders understands this.
For security reasons, there are character restrictions on this field. We will truncate messages at 250 characters and prevent some special characters.

6. Once an order is shipped, you can view the packing slip on the order page. On Sales > Orders, navigate to the order page, click on the shipments tabs, and click the print button. You can then print or download the document from this preview page.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up and view packing slips in OrderGrid.

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