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Pick Up an Order at the Warehouse
Pick Up an Order at the Warehouse

Learn the do's and don'ts of picking up an order at an OrderGrid warehouse

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Orders are usually shipped with an OrderGrid carrier, however you, our client, can stop by to pick up an order! For security reasons, your end customers are not allowed to pick up orders from the warehouse. Only direct clients or carriers are allowed to pick up orders, and it must be picked up in full, not in batches. One order cannot be separated for two+ parties, the order should be returned and two separate orders should be created. Please note, picking up an order does not mean entry into the warehouse for a tour or checking your inventory. A warehouse tour or inventory review must be scheduled with your Customer Success point of contact.

Follow these steps to make your order pick up as smooth as possible.


1. Create a 'manual order'. (See help doc on how to create a manual order). Ensure you add a note to the order specifying who will pick it up and when. (Example: "Manual pick up by Jane Friday morning"). This will flag the order to the operations team and we will set aside the order instead of shipping it.

2. Wait until the order is in packed status before making your way to the warehouse (See help doc on warehouse locations and operating hours). If the order is not packed, you must wait until it is packed. We do not have the ability to expedite fulfillment queue. Please have your G order number ready so the team can find your package. No other information can help you release your order.

Congratulations! You now know how to pick up an order from an OrderGrid warehouse.

If you need any additional help regarding this topic, please reach out to us at

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