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How to Add File Attachments to an Order
How to Add File Attachments to an Order
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Attachment: Any file or document.


There may be specific paperwork such as shipping instructions, shipper labels, or packing instructions you need to send to the packing team for an order. This feature allows you to upload this file at the order-level, which can either be referenced (reviewed by packing team) or printed and packed into the shipper, provided to the end customer.


1. Log into

2. Navigate to an order in processing by clicking 'Sales' on the left menu, and clicking 'Orders'. Note, this feature is only available for orders in processing.

3. On the top right on the page, click the button “+Attachment”. This triggers a popup modal that will prompt you to upload a file and specify whether this is “Reference Only” – for the packing team to review such as packing instructions or “Print and Pack” such as shipper label or thank you card.

Note: For security reasons, we limit file attachments to 4 mb and file types .doc .docx .pdf and .jpg.

4. Once your file is successfully uploaded, you will see a chip of the file name at the bottom of the order. You can click on this chip to edit the file.

5. When the order is in packing status, the packing team will see your file attachments and can review or reprint these documents as needed.

Congratulations! You have successfully added file attachments to orders in OrderGrid.

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